“It is to rescue the forgotten”: López Obrador explained his economic revival plan

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, assured this Monday that his economic revival plan is to “rescue the people” not big companies, as was done in the previous six-year period with the neoliberal model.

“The rescue is the people of Mexico, the forgotten, the marginalized, the poor, who have always been neglected, will be rescued. So that’s why I like that they already know in advance what our position is, ”said the Mexican president.

López Obrador added that he “is very happy” that those who were waiting for a different announcement “already knew” what his revival plan was about, even before he pronounced it, and “take it for granted” that there will be no tax privileges.

“It is that they did not read the text, they did not listen to it or, As I explained, they were expecting other things. It was even published before I made it known, I already had the draft of the manifests, before 5:00 in the afternoon I already had the draft of the manifests of some groups. This means that not only did they not listen, they already knew.

And that makes me very happy, that they take for granted that there will be no tax privileges, there will be no tax forgiveness, there will be no bailout for large companies, banks, there will be no bailout in general, much less for large oness “, he expressed.

“Some say ‘where is the plan to revive the economy?’ because what they want is a starting signal to once again establish corruption in Mexico and not that, I was very clear yesterday “, The federal president held a press conference from the National Palace.

López Obrador surrendered his first government report on the occasion of the 100 days of his second year of practice, last Sunday afternoon. He stated that the recipes of the neoliberal period, where people were asked to tighten their belts, they were left behind and now the government will have to work more with fewer resources.

He considered that his emerging plan for economic recovery, that outlines actions for social welfare and public investment, will be a model to continue for other nations in the face of the fall of neoliberalism.

The federal president assured that the effects that the Covid-19 pandemic is generating is only showing that during the empire of capitalism social investment was scorned and it was decided to privatize health services, reason why now they are insufficient to take care of the world-wide sanitary emergency.

“We are even operating, which is going to be a role model for other countries because what I am seeing is that the neoliber model is collapsingto the; the coronavirus precipitated the fall of a failed model, that’s why the world crisis, ”said the head of the Executive in a press conference from the National Palace.

“It is not possible for a pandemic to affect both economically and socially. Why does a pandemic like this affect more of the account? Because it turns out that, among other things, social investment was stopped, health was privatized. There are countries that do not have public services ”, Held.

The Chief Executive explained that his economic recovery plan consists of reaching 22 million beneficiaries through the Welfare programs.

Similarly, he promised that in nine months 2 million new jobs are created.

For this, he said, 2 million 100 thousand loans will be applied to homes and small entrepreneurs.

Asked if his plan is likely to be changed, the federal president said yes, but was confident that his prescription will take effect.

“We are optimistic and think that it is the most convenient and we do not want to open the door to the corrupt.

“We are not bad in terms of citizen support. It is totally valid, normal, that in an authentic democracy there is freedom of expression and the right to criticism is exercised ”, added.

The president indicated that the opposition groups are upset because “we are no longer doing the same thing, they have the right to demonstrate, but the people want something else.”

“Before, it was not only more publicity for the media, but they also received articles, experts, opinion makers. This is all over, it’s not because we dislike them, ”he said at his press conference.

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