“It is very good to return to normality”

As of this Monday, September 21, the communes of Pudahuel, Independencia and El Bosque will advance from Quarantine to Transition according to the Step by Step plan.

According to the mayor of El Bosque, Sadi Melo, the commune has managed to decrease “Noun” the number of people infected with coronavirus.

“Last week we managed to decrease in 38 cases. We passed 126 active people and a positivity rate of 5.1% ”, he affirmed.

The communal chief said that advancing to this stage of Transition is very good for the community. “I believe that the neighbors here have to comply. Since we are going to gradually get out of this confinement situation, which is very good to return to normal. because it is a tremendous impact on daily life, “he said.

Regarding the measures that they will implement to continue controlling infections, the authority pointed out that “we have a traceability center that we have built all these months, and it has been a tremendous contribution precisely to follow up on people who have been affected by COVID and know exactly where they are. Testing, in addition to doing PCR, monitoring and treating people at home, has been tremendously significant ”.

“What the health authority asks of us is to do around 140 PCR weekly. However, we are making about a thousand. That allows us to immediately investigate the situation of those who are affected and at the same time the issue of close contacts, “he said, adding that” today, fortunately, there are 126 people active in our commune, we know where they are, we know who they are. their close contacts, and that means having control over the virus. “

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In addition, he referred to his sayings a few weeks ago, about the lack of respect for sanitary measures by his neighbors. “People began to break the quarantine effectively. I would say that the communes in the southern part of Santiago have a tremendous problem associated with the economy and that it has deepened with the pandemic and confinement “he explained.

“People are going to be able to, let’s say, start moving, they are going to go back to their jobs and find work and that is really relevant,” he added.

Along the same lines, he indicated that the commune suffers a strong unemployment and that the fundamental demand of the neighbors is work.

“I would say that we are over 60% unemployment. Many jobs are very precarious and linked to the informal. We have had a very clear investigation through the social file of households and that has allowed us to make a measurement “, he indicated.

“The government should give a quick signal in the line of reactivation through emergency jobs”, settled.


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