“It made me laugh to put my wedding dress back on”

Charlotte Gaccio is getting married a second time in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, this Thursday on the front page. She confides.

Audrey, your character, is getting married. How will she experience this happy event?

She will live this day with a lot of emotion. Audrey and Damien let themselves be carried away by their children. They are the ones who organized everything. They have also experienced many twists and turns because the wedding is not going to take place at the place initially planned. With Adrien Rob, we really wanted our characters to get married. Our wish has been granted by the production and the authors, and we are delighted. It freaked us out because we’re both married in real life. It was a very nice moment to play. Putting on a wedding dress made me laugh.

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Last year, you celebrated your tenth anniversary with your husband, Sébastien Pons. What is the secret of such longevity?

It is ten years of marriage, but especially twenty years of couple! We continue to love each other as on the first day. Every year, I say to myself: “Wow, another year! “I’m always happy to wake up next to him, to have new projects and to raise our children together. We communicate a lot. It’s important to remember why we love each other.

How do your twins experience your notoriety?

They are only 5 and a half years old, they do not fully realize it. My children are too young to watch “Tomorrow belongs to us”. I wouldn’t want them to see me kiss another man or other kids to call me mom. From time to time, I take them on the film set so that they discover the Spoon with their own eyes. It amuses them to see me play waitress, like it amuses them to see me play French teacher in “Sam”.

You have just shot the next season of “Sam”, precisely. How did you find Hélène de Fougerolles in the lead role?

She took up the torch with great humility, gentleness and intelligence. She was great. It’s very brave of him to take on a character after seventh year. It’s a season with still a lot of humor and irreverence. That’s all we love about “Sam”, after all. A next season is being written, but it’s the ratings that will tell us if we continue or not.

Your mother, Michèle Bernier, is part of the jury of “Mask Singer”. How do you find it ?

She breaks me! This show is everything she loves. She is having fun. She is a very good investigator. I love “Mask Singer”. I am having fun guessing who is under the costumes. This year, it’s less funny, because my mom has already whispered everything in my ear. (Laughs.)

We would have recognized you under the costume of the jellyfish…

It’s flattering, because she sings well, this jellyfish! It’s probably because my mother is part of the jury that people think of me.

“Tomorrow belongs to us”, every day of the week at 5:55 p.m. on the front page and 7:10 p.m. on TF1.

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