It occurs in 1 out of every 5 women! Beware of thumb disease that causes loss of movement

Stating that thumb disease is a progressive joint disease that causes joint pain and stiffness, Emsey Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op. Dr. Yiğit Erdağ gave important information. Saying that the disease causes pain with deterioration and wear in the articular cartilage and adjacent bone tissues, Op. Dr. Yigit Erdag, “Arthritis affecting the base of the thumb every five years over 50 womanseen in one of them. The disease, which is more common in women than in men, increases the likelihood of its occurrence after the age of 40. said.

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Stating that women use their hands very contemptuously due to business life and housework, Op. Dr. Yiğit Erdağ said that the pain may increase when pinching is used frequently, and movements such as opening doors and locks, writing, opening jars are performed. Saying that patients often complain about not being able to grasp and sometimes something, Op. Dr. Erdağ underlined that pain can be triggered at rest and at night, and that as arthritis progresses, joint pain can intensify.


Explaining that objects are grasped thanks to the joint at the base of the thumb, which enables the thumb to rotate around its own axis and support the other fingers, Op. Dr. Yiğit Erdağ said that due to the deterioration of this joint, he experienced pain during the use of the thumb in hand functions, pain in the thumb root joint, stiffness, deformity due to swelling, and limitation of movement. Kiss. Dr. Erdag continued: “For this reason, patients may experience bony sharpening at the level of the thumb root joint, decrease in thumb movements and loss of movement. When patients come with complaints, on physical examination, if there is a feeling of sand grains in the joint by moving the thumb, with the sensitivity formed at the base of the thumb, or if there is a friction sound, it is thought that the bones are rubbing against each other, Diagnosis can be made with a clicking sensation in the joint.

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Orthopedics and Traumatology specialist Op. said that in the first stage, ice application, drugs, splints and intra-articular steroid injections and glucosamine and PRP applications can be made for pain control. Dr. Yiğit Erdağ stated that it would be possible to achieve 90 percent successful results by removing the intra-articular cartilage, removing the trapezoidal bone and filling the cavity with different tendon materials, with the surgical method chosen in the patient group where the joint range of motion was decreased, the night pain increased, and non-surgical treatment was not beneficial. Kiss. Dr. Erdağ explained that the patient may not need to stay in the hospital at night for the surgical procedure, and that the patient will usually be taken to the physical therapy program within a month.

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