It starts: the Windows 10 November 2019 update is now available


The Windows 10 update 1909 aka "November Update" is now available. Unlike previous feature updates, the software known by the code name 19H2 includes only some new features. These can be counted on one side.

The background is that Microsoft has worked mainly on improvements, performance improvements and bug fixes for the new version of Windows 10. There are only a few innovations and visible changes.
Windows update 10 November 2019

This is the second update of the features this year and the eighth since the launch of Windows 10. The download was released this time as a cumulative update and has the number 18363.418. This means that all users who are already using the Windows 10 update in May, also known as version 1903, will simply receive the new version as a normal Windows update. However, it will still be marked as a "feature update".
Windows update 10 November 2019The build is numbered 18363.418

Then immediately download the Windows 10 update in November

Deviations like the update via the multimedia creation tool are probably not necessary after the first announcements from Microsoft, but of course they are still possible. Because the November update should be made available in a short time for every Windows 10 user.

"Windows update 10 November 2019" or version 1909, can be downloaded and installed as an ISO file or via the integrated Windows update function. Alternatively, the multimedia creation tool can be used by Microsoft.
We present the three options in detail below.

1. Reinstallation and update via ISO file

With the official ISO files, Windows 10 version 1909 can be easily downloaded. You can run either a Windows 10 system update (update) or run a complete clean installation. We offer the latest Windows 10 ISO files through our Download Center. The installation requires a USB stick with at least eight gigabytes of storage space. This can be set using the Windows and DVD download tool of Windows as boot media.

A clear guide on how to do this and what steps are needed afterwards can be found in our detailed instructions: "How can I install Windows from a USB stick?".

2. Update via the Windows Update feature

Windows Update can also be obtained and installed using the integrated Windows Update function. To do this, go to the settings > Update and security > Windows Update and click "Check for updates".

However, since Microsoft is distributing major updates incrementally, it may happen that the latest version is not yet available. In this case, take the ISO files or the (next) Media Creation Tool.

3. Download through the multimedia creation tool

With Microsoft Media Creation Tool, you can download the installation files for the Windows 10 May 2019 update directly from Microsoft. After starting, first select the desired edition (Home, Professional) and the language. Then you can directly launch the installation or create an installation media (USB key). The installation dialog will guide you through all the necessary steps.

While the Windows 10 update of May 2019 focused on better usability, the November 2019 update is in preparation for the next version, which is currently under development as 20H1. Many new features do not exist in the 1909 version. However, we have looked at the most important ones.
Windows update 10 November 2019From Windows 10 version 1909 you can also access Alexa from the lock screen

Alexa, Cortana & Co. on lockscreen

Among the novelties is that Amazon now works closely with Microsoft: the digital voice assistant Alexa is now, so it allows voice commands or voice activation even on the lock screen. So now you can also ask Alexa questions if the PC is locked. This requires the Amazon Alexa app for Windows 10. By the way, the release of the function via the lock screen should be applied to all third-party language assistants.

Similar to the Cortana itself, the user must confirm in the settings that even the voice assistant should be usable by the Sperrbilschirm ago.

Windows update 10 November 2019Cortana lock screen setting
Windows update 10 November 2019Setting the Alexa lock screen

When you start the Alexa app after the update, Amazon asks for the release. Alexa can be used on the lock screen only when the speakerphone or speakerphone mode is also active. The necessary settings are available in the app itself.

Create calendar events in the taskbar

As a simplification for appointment entries, you can now easily create appointments directly in the taskbar.

Windows update 10 November 2019

To do this, go to the taskbar and click on the Time and date symbol. The calendar view then opens. Select the date for your new entry and you can directly make all the other necessary entries.

File Explorer uses Windows search

The file explorer has been integrated with the Windows search engine integration. Therefore, searches from Explorer can bring the same good search results through the actual search window in the taskbar. The indexed results now also include OneDrive content.

Automatic start menu extension

A novelty in the start menu is an automatic extension that adjusts the display width or size of the start menu, if necessary, so that the descriptions of the icons displayed in the menu also fit the window.

Information and notification center

The Notification Settings page has been enhanced with images showing how to display notifications in Banner Mode and in the Information Center. The settings themselves have been slightly revised.
Windows update 10 November 2019Improved notification settings options

Additional improvements: improved battery performance and performance

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 from version 1909 offers better energy efficiency for PCs with certain processors. What are these the name of the group, but so far not. This also applies to increased performance in relation to certain CPUs. Tasks are now more efficiently distributed to the processor's preferred cores. A new policy ensures that CPU-intensive or critical tasks are sent to free and faster cores.

System Requirements for Windows Update November 10th

The system requirements remain the same as in previous versions. Microsoft has also added support for the newly released Intel and AMD processors.

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