It turned out that two national teams will not play against Lithuania in the European Championship / News

Today it became clear that two teams will not meet Lithuania in the 2022 European Championship group stage.

FIBA reported that one of the championship hosts, Sacartwell and Italy, has chosen the teams to play in the same group.

Italy have chosen the Estonian national team and Sakartvelas has chosen Turkey, which means that Lithuanian roads will not intersect with these teams.

This practice, where the party organizing the championship can choose a team, has been in force since the 2015 Old Continent Championship.

The Lithuanian national team will play the group stage of the European Championship in Cologne, Germany, because one of the organizers of the championship, the Germans have chosen Lithuanians for their subgroup.

The other four of his rivals were men. Coach Darius Maskoliūnas and the whole of Lithuania will find out after the lottery ceremony, which will be pulled out in Berlin on April 29.

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