It turns out that diabetes patients can drink sweet drinks, these are 5 safe sugar substitutes


Honey can be a safe substitute for sugar for diabetic patients. – Patient diabetes you have to be careful when choosing food or drink.

Foods and beverages with high content gula should be avoided so that blood sugar does not increase.

Changing this diet is certainly difficult for friends who like sweet foods or drinks.

But now friends who like to eat or drink sweet can still enjoy it without feeling worried.

There are various types of ingredients that can be used as sugar substitutes and are still safe for diabetic patients.

Here are some types of sugar substitutes that you might be able to use.

1. Sukralosa

The first sugar substitute sweetener is sucralose which is an artificial sweetener made from sucrose.

In this sucrose there are low calories, with a sweetness level can be 600 times sweeter than regular sugar.

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Because of its content, sucralose can be used as a sweetener to replace granulated sugar.

This substitute sweetener is one that is resistant to high temperatures so you can mix it in hot drinks or foods.

This type of sugar is considered safe with a consumption limit of 5 mg/kg body weight.

2. Aspartame

The second ingredient is aspartame which contains very low calories.

Although low in calories, aspartame produces a sweet taste that is 200 times sweeter than regular sugar.

However, you should not consume too much aspartame, which is only 50 mg/kg body weight.

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3. Stevia

There is also stevia which is said to be suitable as a good sugar substitute for diabetic patients.

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Stevia contains ingredients that make it 300 times sweeter than sugar.

This sugar substitute comes from plants Stevia rebaudiana extracted into compounds number of glycosides.

This type of sugar substitute is already widely known to the public, but the high price is still a consideration.

In addition, stevia also has a bitter sensation because of the additional ingredients from the producer who sells it.

To consume stevia, friends must also limit as much as 5 mg/kg body weight.

4. Saccharin

Saccharin is one of the artificial sweeteners that has no calories and nutrients.

The sweetness level of saccharin is 200 to 700 times that of regular sugar.

This material is very commonly used as a sugar substitute.

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Although it was once called a cause of cancer, according to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) saccharin is safe for consumption.

However, friends are recommended to only consume no more than 15 mg/kg body weight.

5. Pure Honey

Another sugar substitute that can be used is pure honey.

Honey is known to be sweet and has many ingredients, such as anti-inflammatory which is good for diabetic patients.

However, friends, you should not use honey carelessly.

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Make sure to choose pure honey that does not have a mixture of sugar in it.

Some honey manufacturers often add artificial sweeteners which can result in blood sugar rising quickly.

Well, those were five sugar substitutes that could be an option for friends to avoid diabetes.

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