It was not possible to withdraw the Opportunity Passport due to a disruption in the provision of services to the Registry Center

The opportunity passport cannot be downloaded either through the website or from

Spokesperson for the Center of Registers Mindaugas Samkus Delphi confirmed that a potentially poor quality Microsoft Software Update has disrupted Registry Center services.

“A potentially poor software update code recently installed by US software vendor Microsoft also disrupted Registry Center services on Thursday. The IT specialists of the Register Center are making every effort to resume the provision of services as soon as possible, ”the report reads.

It is stated that it is currently not possible to connect to the self-service system, the website is not working, there may be disruptions in the use of other electronic services, and customer service in physical service departments has been disrupted.

“Due to the solution of this problem, the specialists of the Center of Registers immediately contacted the representatives of Microsoft in Lithuania and are looking for solutions together. The US technology company itself does not indicate formal solutions in publicly available sources, “the report said.

Service resumed

The service was disrupted on Thursday at about 12 noon. Microsoft’s recently installed potentially low-quality software code and 15:30 service have been successfully restored. At present, all the services of the Registry Center are being re-launched – customers can be re-served in physical customer service units, customers can be accessed through a self-service system, and other electronic services such as the Generation of Passport or EU COVID certificate are available.

Delphi recalls that Center of Registers this week informed that due to the planned update of the system, the system will not work from January 14, Friday at 8 pm to January 15, Saturday at 8 am.

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“It will not be possible to download or renew the Opportunity Passport or the EU digital COVID certificate at the specified time,” the report said.

“During the renovation works, it will also not be possible for healthcare institutions to submit or receive data from the e-health system, patients and health and pharmacy specialists to connect to their e-health system accounts, and the population to purchase medicines with an e-prescription. In addition, it will not be possible to temporarily download the Opportunity Passport or the EU digital COVID certificate from the portals, or other places of issue.

Healthcare professionals and residents are asked to plan their work by the specified date so that the system’s upgrades cause as little inconvenience as possible, “it was announced this week.

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