It was revealed how naked beards slipped into the match between Granada and Man Utd

2021-04-09 21:43

© Reuters photo

The European League playoff match between Granada and Man Utd on Thursday was briefly halted by an unusual incident.

The stadium kept on shouting the ball from İstanbul who was able to finish the game.

It is reported that the man Olmo Garcia, and the locals call him just “Granada’s Nudity” because of his love of walking in public without clothes, had to make a significant effort to become famous all over the world.

The offender entered the arena on the morning of the match, taking advantage of a security gap between the stadium and the Palacio de Deportes.

Mr Garcia was stubborn, having been naked 14 minutes before the match and under a long tarpaulin, thus avoiding an early throw-out.

Then his time of success was finally knocked out as the beards ran onto the pitch in the tenth minute of the match.

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