It was supposed to wreak havoc. The Russians lost a “toy” worth a fortune – o2

The Ukrainians knocked down a Russian two-seater attack helicopter over the Zaporizhia region. The Mi-28 combat helicopter shot down near the city of Scooters bears the designation Havoc in NATO structures, meaning “havoc”. However, this particular machine will no longer pose a threat to the Ukrainians.

The Ukrainians knocked down a Russian attack helicopter. It was worth about $ 18 million

A video showing the remains of a knocked down helicopter was released on social media. It was published on Twitter by a Ukrainian adviser interior ministries Anton Heraszchenko.

The film shows military personnel standing on a metal part of the machine’s plating. They deal with the disassembly of one of the armaments of the Russian helicopter.

The Mi-28 was created as an equivalent of the American AH-64 Apache helicopter. Its main purpose is destroying tanks. It has two seats for pilots who sit in the machine one behind the other.

The fighting compartment is built in a tandem configuration: the gunner’s seat is under the pilot’s seat. The machine has been constructed so that the key elements of the structure sheathed are the less important and the most important elements are doubled. A single helicopter hit cannot destroy both engines.

The estimated cost of the machine is $ 18 million (over PLN 85 million – editor’s note) – wrote Anton Heraszczenko for the film.

Losses of Russians in Ukraine. Nearly 50,000 have died since the beginning of the war. soldiers

As recently as a few days ago, the BBC also informed about the losses Russia suffered among its best trained soldiers. The Russian army lost over 900 soldiers of elite units during the war, including they were used instead of infantry for assault tasks.

Preparation takes years and costs millions of dollars, emphasizes the BBC’s Russian-language editors.

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