It was true that married man and unmarried female teacher had an affair

In December of last year, the Cheong Wa Dae public petition for an affair with a teacher at an elementary school in Jangsu-gun turned out to be mostly true as a result of the office of education.

The Jeonbuk Office of Education announced on the 22nd that it recently informed the Jangsu Education Support Office to form a disciplinary committee for the teachers in question along with the contents of the audit. The Provincial Office of Education conducted a direct audit in December last year when the article was posted. As a result of the audit, it was judged that the teachers had violated their duty to maintain dignity and integrity. The Jangsu Education Support Office is planning to determine the level of disciplinary action for these teachers sooner or later.

In December of last year, a post was posted on the public petition bulletin board titled, “I accuse two teachers who have caused many infidelities on campus while infringing on children’s learning activities.” Cheong Won-in argued that “a married male teacher and an unmarried woman teacher working at an elementary school in Jangsu-gun had a lot of affection not only during class but also during field trips.”

“The teachers left their children to the instructor during the outside cultural experience and left their seats, and spent time alone. The children’s right to learn was violated, such as meeting each other.”

Cheong Won-in said, “The two teachers do not hesitate to engage in unfaithful behaviors during the sacred school and educational activities where education is carried out with children, so I think they have no qualifications as educators. “You have to exit.”

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