Sport It will be played again on May 20th!

It will be played again on May 20th!

A commentary by BLICK soccer director Andreas Böni

The league compiles a 33-page secret document and whoever reads it realizes that this is a lot of work. The Swiss Football League is doing everything it can to achieve the ambitious goal of reviving professional football on May 20.

This is important because there is a lot of hope for many people in this difficult time. It would be nice to find emotion and also distraction through football. And it would be a piece of normalcy in a difficult time, even if it is initially only about ghost games.

But one can doubt whether the league’s plan is realistic. Because in Switzerland, football is at the narrow end of politics – and the lobby of sport is not even as big as in Germany. While ministers in Germany are working to ensure that the Bundesliga can be restarted on May 9, many have only a tired smile left for football.

But just: In Germany, for example in the Ruhr area, football determines the lives of many people. For us, it is more of a welcome change from everyday life in the feeling of the people. But it also depends on around 4,000 jobs.

So it would be nice if the politicians are now really on the gas, at least in relation to professional sports.


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