“It would be inconceivable”, the encore swept away with one sentence – Libero Quotidiano

Sergio Mattarella he has no intention of staying another seven years at Quirinale. According to a background by Marco Antonellis Published on Tpi, the President of the Republic confirmed what he has repeated several times in recent months. “Rumor has it in Transatlantico of a recent, fast-paced interview by Sergio Mattarella in recent days in Pavia with his old fellow soldier from Piazza del Gesù, Virginio Rognoni “, writes the journalist.

“At the request of the latter, to know whether or not he would remain at the Quirinale, the head of state would have told the former Minister of the Interior that ‘being confirmed at the Quirinale would mean introducing aa new double mandate rule of the President of the Republic “, Antonellis writes again, something that for the Head of State would be inconceivable.

Indeed Sergio Mattarella would have said that “this would be an incalculable damage to the institution”. In short, concludes the journalist, “Sergio Mattarella continues to be against the encore as he has always said. So, green light to the hill for Mario Draghi?“. This would certainly be an option not to be discarded but other hypotheses must also be considered. For example, that the prime minister remains at Palazzo Chigi and that a replacement for Mattarella is found at the Quirinale. Some names are already circulating.


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