Italian Justice forces two men over 40 years old to leave their mother’s house and become independent

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An Italian court has ordered two men, aged 42 and 40, to leave the house of their mother, who had gone to court to evict her own children alleging Not only did they not contribute to the family economyr but they also did not contribute no help with housework.

The mother, Simona Caterbi, 75 years old and living in Pavia, in northern Italy, had tried in vain to convince her children to leave and a judge ended up agreeing with her. The two men must leave the home before December 18according to the newspaper The province.

In the ruling, it is established that cohabitation could be “initially founded”, to the extent that the parents have a “maintenance obligation” towards their children, but today “it no longer seems justifiable” that the two men have to remain at home with their mother. They take into account, for example, “that the two accused are individuals over forty years of age,” reports the RAI channel.

A recent Eurostat study concluded that young people become independent on average in Italy at the age of 30, a figure similar to that of Spain and the seventh highest within the Twenty-seven. The average within the EU is 26.4 years, with Finland, Sweden and Denmark having data below 22 years.

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