Italy asked the European Union to take firm action against Pfizer, this is the reason

ILLUSTRATION. Due to the late supply of vaccines, Italy asked the European Union to take firm action from Pfizer.

Source: Reuters | Editor: Prihastomo Wahyu Widodo

KONTAN.CO.ID – ROMA. Italy is asking for help from the European Union (EU) to crack down on the pharmaceutical company Pfizer for failing to fulfill its commitment to provide the right amount of Covid-19 vaccine.

Pfizer recently announced that it will cut the supply of vaccines for EU countries as well as Canada. Pfizer said it would make up for the drop in shipments with manufacturing changes that would boost production.

Reuters reported that the Italian authorities sent a direct application to the EU on Tuesday (26/1), the day after Rome sent an official warning letter to Pfizer.

The Italian move is considered to increase tensions between Europe and Pfizer, especially after Europe-based AstraZeneca also warned of cutting early-stage shipments.

“The commissioner is extraordinary, calling for discussions with EU executives to take all appropriate action against Pfizer’s non-compliant behavior,” the Italian authorities were quoted as saying. Reuters.

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In particular the statement did not specify what action the Italian government expects from the EU against Pfizer.

However, on Saturday (23/1), the Italian government said Pfizer’s postponement was a serious violation of its contractual obligations and that Italy would use all available legal tools to fight for its rights and that of other European countries.

Currently, Pfizer has yet to provide an official statement regarding the warning from Italy which has been forwarded to the European Union.

Pfizer reduces supply of the Covid-19 vaccine in Canada & Europe

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced Tuesday that it will reduce the supply of the Covid-19 vaccine to Canada starting this week.

Reporting from ReutersThe slowdown in production will occur in late January to early February due to changes in policy in the manufacturing process.

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Source: Reuters
Editor: Prihastomo Wahyu Widodo





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