Italy: Indian passengers flew in with false test results

The newspaper quotes one Indian traveler who said during a sanitary inspection at a Roman airport:

“I didn’t take the test, I paid and they gave me a forged certificate. This is how I got on the plane “

Of the 223 people aboard the Indian plane that arrived on Wednesday, infections were detected in 23, including two crew members.

Many passengers later admitted that in Delhi they bought fake negative test certificates. Most of them, the newspaper explained, are Indian nationals living and working in Italy. It is precisely the purchase of false certificates by passengers that explains the fact that the coronavirus was detected in as many as 9% of passengers upon arrival. of them.

The history with bought results resembles the situation from the summer of 2020, when the phenomenon of presenting fabricated certificates detected in Rome among air passengers from Bangladesh – dodaje “The Messenger”.

The daily points out that the media in India, where the epidemic situation is extremely difficult, also reports about the trade of false certificates. The laboratories that sold them were closed in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is not – emphasizes Il Messaggero – an isolated case.

In recent days, due to the worsening epidemic in Asia, in Italy, an entry ban was imposed on travelers from Indiaand also from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Persons permanently resident in Italy may still come.

Source: PAP

Creation date: May 2, 2021, 08:26

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