it’s a disaster, he should never have left the 1pm newspaper, discover the latest revelations from Thomas Hugues!

While Jean-Pierre Pernaut has just left the presentation of the 13 hours newspaper on TF1, it could very well be that his decision is already well regretted, as some of his fans could have also thought for several months.

Indeed, we find in the presentation of the most watched newspaper in France the presenter Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, and the least we can say is that her version of the 1 pm newspaper does not leave you indifferent. We can no longer count the number of people on social networks who comment with the greatest fervor this newspaper of a new generation and which we should hear about for a long time to come.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut: his confidences which say a lot about his choice to leave the 1 p.m. newspaper …

Some journalists are now sure and some: they clearly think that Jean-Pierre Pernaut should never have left the presentation of the 1 pm newspaper on TF1, and they do not hesitate to say it loud and clear in the media. Indeed, the presenter had something to be very appreciated by all his fellow journalists, and some do not understand that he decided to leave the 1 p.m. diary immediately… The last year in which we could see him on the air was a real disaster, in particular because of the coronavirus health crisis which prevented him from presenting the newspaper for many, many weeks.

Nobody expected Jean-Pierre Pernaut to be so little present during his last year on the TF1 antenna, and the least we can say is that viewers were very disappointed to see Jacques Legros, his “joker”, replace him at short notice for many months. From now on, it is on LCI that we can see Jean-Pierre Pernaut in his brand new program “Jean Pierre & You”.

And if this one is already at the heart of the controversy with big rants that have made the success of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, it was without counting on a new shocking statement which one could also read in the press recently.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut: host Thomas Hugues puts himself in the journalist’s shoes, and he throws everything up!

It is on the set of the show of Non Stop People that the former companion of the host Laurence Ferrari spoke on the subject. He puts himself in Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s place, and says to himself that he must perhaps have regretted his choice to have definitively left the 1 p.m. newspaper.

Indeed, it might have surprised everyone at the time, and Jean-Pierre Pernaut had also explained during an interview that it was permanent stress for him. The words of Thomas Hugues have in any case had the merit of questioning Internet users: they have already wondered if Jean-Pierre Pernaut had made the right choice and if he did not regret it.

While her replacement Marie-Sophie Lacarrau has been on the air for just a month, the latter is already very criticized, particularly by a columnist from Touche Pas à Mon Poste who was not kind to her. But could Jean-Pierre Pernaut choose to return to the TF1 antenna to take over the reins of the 1 pm newspaper in the weeks or months to come?

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