It’s finally here! Apple released a new beta version of iOS 15.4, and the “mask to unlock Face ID” function debuts! | GQ Taiwan

Finally wait until the mask unlocks Face ID! Since the epidemic, Face ID cannot directly recognize the face wearing a mask, and thus cannot unlock the phone, which is a problem for many iPhone users. Apple has tried to solve this problem before, such as unlocking the phone through the Apple Watch, or increasing the speed of the password to unlock the pop-up. Wait, and today Apple finally launched the mask-unlocking Face ID function through the iOS 15.4 beta version!

If you want to experience this feature early, you can go to Apple’s official website to register for the beta software program (Click here), download the description file and complete the software update according to the steps inside, but most of the beta version is provided for developers to use, there may still be bugs, and friends who want to use it should pay more attention. However, if you have already downloaded the iOS 15.4 beta version, just go to the set Face ID to open the “Mask Face ID” function, and set the face wearing the mask to use it!

The functions that appear in sync with the mask Face ID also include new emojis such as finger heart, lip biting, pregnant people, etc., as well as the function of copying text on objects with the camera in the “Memo” or “Reminders” app, and “Universal Controls” ( Universal Control). This feature is the latest way to use the Mac and iPad together and collaborate across devices, allowing you to use the same keyboard, mouse or trackpad to work directly between the Mac and iPad without any configuration: just move the cursor from the Mac Text entered on the iPad, on the Mac can also be displayed on the iPad, and you can even drag and drop content between the two Macs.

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