It’s going to be a blast in early summer!The sequels of the ultra-tamping game series “The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Tears” and “Diablo IV” are now being pre-ordered at a discount

Game sequels exploded in May and June this year, and the first new chapter in May is the new chapter of the Nintendo Switch Legend of ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda Kingdom TearsIt’s been a long time in early June, and I finally don’t have to wait for my descendants to burn itDiablo IVand at the end of June《FINAL FANTASY XVI》, each one is menacing and jaw-dropping.Hebaojun is about to bottom out and the new ones launched in FebruaryPlayStation VR2, and the PS5 console that finally does not need to be grabbed!In addition to the home console, Pokémon fans have to start with a game that can sleep with PikachuPokémon GO Plus +the model player plus“Strange Tree & Electric Belly Frog”The character model has to be collected, Mr. Purse is directly sucked into the black hole!

👉 PS5 Console – God of War Ragnarök Bundle
The price is 19,380 yuanoffer until 5/14
The PS5, which was released during the epidemic, has become a rare commodity for a while after events such as shortage of materials, shortages, and price increases. Now that the epidemic has become normalized, it finally waits for the stable supply of PS5. As the successor of the latest generation of PS, with powerful and customized CPU and GPU, high-speed SSD, support for 4K, 120 frames per second, ray tracing, and the adaptive trigger technology of the new handle, it can continue to play most of PS4 Games have become the high-standard first choice for the new generation of game consoles.this groupPS5 “God of War: Ragnarok” Bundle, which contains a PS5 disc version console and game exchange coupons. The game is based on Nordic mythology. Through the wonderful story and audio-visual presentation, it has not only received high marks from various game media, but also won a number of game awards in 2022. Especially as an exclusive game on the PS platform, it is purchased together with the console. Reasonable. Place an order at the Yahoo Mall to buy additional peripherals, and get a discount of 1,000, which is almost equivalent to half the price of the PS5 handle, and enjoy the discount for late purchase!

👉 PlayStation VR2 headset
The price is 18,880 yuanoffer until 5/14
The PlayStation VR released in 2016, through the novel VR device, combined with a variety of PS games, created a new look of video games with a brand-new game type, especially the realistic experience of playing horror games, which scared many players. , which caused a shortage of goods that year, and those who could get it were the chosen ones. This year finally launched the second generation,PlayStation VR2!this timePlayStation VR2The screen performance has been upgraded to 4K resolution, with HDR effect, and intelligent eye tracking and head-mounted device feedback technology have been added. The controller has also been redesigned into a spherical shape, with finger touch detection, tactile feedback and Functions such as adaptive triggers, combined with the excellent performance of the PS5 console to create optical details, and through Tempest 3D AudioTech technology, the in-game sound effects will be adjusted according to the player’s position and head movements, blending into a more realistic sound environment, creating a more immersive experience. VR experience.

👉 (Pre-order) Switch OLED Zelda Kingdom Tears console + Kingdom Tears game + Link amiibo + protection group 5-in-1 free original multi-function table matThe original price is 14,560 yuan,Special price 14,180 yuanoffer until 5/14
The Legend of Zelda, one of the three pillars of Nintendo, launched “The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild” with the release of the Switch console in 2017. With its innovative and open gameplay, the popularity has continued to this day, and there are still Many players follow the protagonist Link, living the game life of the spiritual time house. “The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Tears” is the sequel to Breath of the Wild, and Nintendo is taking advantage of the upcoming game masterpieceKingdom Tears Switch special edition console. The appearance of the mainframe integrates a number of graphic elements in the game, and the base and Joy-Con are painted with gold, green and white, which is very honorable.thishost combinationIn addition to the game “Legend of Zelda Kingdom Tears”, there is also a Link amiibo that can correspond to the game, a five-in-one protection set, and an original multi-functional table mat. Prepare the peripheral accessories at one time, save a lot of time, and you can pre-order directly.

👉 PS5 Diablo 4
The original price is 2,190 yuan,Special price 2,090 yuanoffer until 5/31
Diablo IVAnnounced at the end of 2019, after 3 and a half years, it will finally be officially released in June this year! The “Diablo” series of games, with its unique world view, human beings fighting between angels and demons, according to the role played by the player, grows up with the random treasures obtained during the adventure, creating a unique way of playing. With the epic production of more than ten years of sharpening the sword, the high popularity accumulated by the series, even the strange phenomenon of players chasing logistics vehicles when the third generation was released.The new generation of brand new game world also makesDiablo IVBecome one of the game masterpieces that players are most looking forward to this year. The third public beta will be held in May, and players who can’t wait can experience it first. Those who don’t want to chase the delivery truck again can pre-order it immediately!

The original price is 1,990 yuan,Special price 1,890 yuanoffer until 5/31
This year’s highly anticipated game sequel is the 16th generation of the “FINAL FANTASY” series,《FINAL FANTASY XVI》. As one of the legendary games with a long history, the “FINAL FANTASY” series, the release of each generation is all exciting, especially the huge plot, beautiful character scenery, and moving soundtrack, all of which are indispensable for the next role-playing game. benchmark.《FINAL FANTASY XVI》Continuing the tradition, in the fictional world, players will play the role of the protagonist, gather partners, and continue to fight against evil through well-known summoned beasts. Curious how beautiful Square Enix (game production company) has made the characters again? The latest beautiful story will be released soon, pre-order now to enjoy early bonuses!

👉 NS Fitness Boxing 2
The original price is 1,190 yuan,Special price 1,145 yuanoffer until 5/31
After buying a Nintendo Switch, in addition to the games you must receive, if you haven’t played the motion-sensing games of the Switch, you will also buy the whole device for nothing. In addition to “Fitness Ring Adventure”, “Fitness Boxing” is also one of the well-known games that focus on sports and fitness.Through the operation of Joy-Con, in the game, follow the coach’s instructions and the rhythm of the music to punch and exercise, so as to achieve the purpose of consuming calories and create somatosensory fun. The sequel“Fitness Boxing 2”There are 23 popular songs included, the course is fully renovated, and you can exercise with well-known voice actors such as Kugimiya Rie. Those who have the game record of the first generation of “Fitness Boxing” can be directly inherited, shortening the time for game integration. Place an order and get a bonus!

👉LEGO LEGO Super Mario Brigitte Adventure Host
The original price is 1,999 yuan,Special price 1,600 yuanoffer until 5/31
this paragraphLEGO Princess Brigitte Adventure Host, Enter the world of Super Mario through interactive Lego, which contains Princess Brigitte dolls. After installing the battery, it will make rich and vivid real-time responses through the LCD screen and speakers. You can also connect with LEGO’s Mario or Luigi via Bluetooth, and work together to win bonus coins. A new type of gameplay breaks the single-dimensional Lego experience.

👉Super Mario Mario amiibo
The original price is 650 yuan,Special price 545 yuanoffer until 5/31
AmiiboIt is a game peripheral developed by Nintendo. It can be connected to a specific game of Switch through NFC communication through the physical doll. It can appear in the game beautifully. In addition to obtaining special props or abilities, and through cultivation, the amiibo can become stronger and become a unique character. With a variety of interactive gameplay, experience the new look of each game. When you are not connected, you can put it in the cabinet for collection, satisfying the fun of collection. There are hundreds of amiibo characters, and the one who became the leading actor in a movie recentlysuper marioIt is one of the roles that must be paid.

👉Pre-order Pokémon Center Strange Tree & Electric Belly Frog Nisora ​​Edition will be released in April 24
The price is 8,380 yuan, the discount is until 5/17, and new products are pre-ordered
In the latest generation of the Pokémon series of games, “Pokémon Crimson/Purple”, the popular character “Qi Shu” is always accompanied by the Pokémon “Electric Belly Frog”, which is also full of personality. The Japanese Pokémon official The store “Pokémon Center” launches the latest model products with the theme of both“Strange Tree & Electric Belly Frog”The character model is also produced by Kotobukiya, and the prototype has been basically completed. The overall shape is based on the three-dimensional illustrations drawn by the well-known Pokémon card artist Saito Naoi, which creates a wonderful jumping posture of the “odd tree”, depicting the characteristics of a magneto-shaped headgear, huge double ponytails, and a windbreaker covering the whole body. . This product will be sold in Pokémon Center by pre-order production, and it is now available for pre-order!

👉Pre-order Pokémon GO Plus+ Sleep+ on sale 7/14
The original price is 1,980 yuan,Special price 1,890 yuanfull checkout and then discount, discount until 5/17
Pokémon GO Plus +It is a new device that can be connected with “Pokémon GO” and “Pokémon Sleep”. After linking with “Pokémon GO”, it will automatically rotate the Poké supply station, throw poke balls, etc., and add the function of throwing super balls and advanced balls, especially with the function of automatically throwing poke balls, which can be caught directly in the bag Pokémon, players no longer need to keep looking at the screen of their smartphones, and can play “Pokémon GO” comfortably, which is quite convenient. In addition, Pokémon GO Plus + can also simply measure sleep status, and the measured sleep data can be used in games. The best thing is that there is a cute voice of Pikachu in the device, which notifies the time to wake up and go to bed, which makes sleeping a happy and enjoyable experience. cute thing. Now place an order to buy more than 2 at a time, one is only 1850, and the full amount is added, the full amount is 60% off; the full amount is 3500% off 150;

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