Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President United States (US) Donald Trump raise voices regarding the events of the clashes that occurred between Black Lives Matter protesters and Trump supporters in Portland, Oregon, USA, Saturday (29/8/2020) local time. In that incident, one person was reported killed.

In a tweet on his personal Twitter account @realdonaldtrump, quoted by CNBC Indonesia, Sunday (30/8/2020), Trump considered that clashes would not have occurred if the local government approved central government assistance via the National Guard.

“The National Guard can solve the problem in less than an hour. Local authorities must act before it’s too late. The people of Portland and regions led by Democratic cadres are fed up with Schumer (US Senator Chuck Schumer), Pelosi (US Congressman Nancy Pelosi), and their local leaders. They want rule of law, “Trump wrote.

Not to forget, Trump criticized the leadership of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

“Wheeler is incompetent, much like Sleepy Joe Biden (the US Democratic presidential candidate). This is something people don’t want. They want security and they don’t want the police to be undermined,” Trump wrote.

As reported, one person was shot dead in Portland, Oregon, USA, Saturday (29/8/2020) local time, following clashes between Black Lives Matter protesters and supporters of US President Donald Trump. This is the Portland Police Report as quoted by AFP, Sunday (30/8/2020).

As is known, Oregon has become the center of Black Lives Matter protests after white police killed a black man named George Floyd in Minnesota in late May.

During the incident, police said hundreds of caravans belonging to Trump supporters had gathered in Portland.

“There have been several incidents of clashes between demonstrators and other camps. Our officers have intervened and made a number of arrests,” Portland Police wrote in a tweet on social media Twitter.

OregonLive reported second-by-second clashes between the two camps, although police did not say if the shooting was linked to the demonstration.

Portland Police later delivered a release that revealed the shooting took place in the city center at around 8:45 p.m. local time. To date, an investigation into the murder is underway.

“Portland Police officers heard gunfire from Souteast 3rd Avenue and Southwest Alder Street. They then responded and found the victim dead with a gunshot wound to the chest,” Portland Police wrote.

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