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"Kruzakov" loves when, because they do not break, says a specialist.

A domestic expert spoke about the "immortal" Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUV. The car is available on the Russian market with only two out of five engines possible, with a petrol and a diesel. The autoexpert explained why the V8 turbo diesel was deformed from 280 to 235 hp. specifically for the Russian Federation.

Note that this has been done not only because of the attractiveness of taxation, but also because Russian diesel fuel does not "kill" the engine. For the same reason, in the Russian version of the Kruzak 200 diesel, the pressure in the fuel system has been reduced. Despite all the improvements, the power of an SUV is more than enough and its engine is really irresistible.

You can find the opinion that the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 engines are not as reliable as in the past, especially diesel engines. The expert claims that this opinion is too categorical and with proper maintenance, the turbodiesel up to 200,000 km runs smoothly. In combination with this engine a reliable 6-speed automatic transmission works, which, according to the expert, often tries to abandon, and the builder himself.

Note that, according to the maintenance rules, it is not necessary to change the transmission oil for the entire service life. The expert pointed out that if this is not done, within the time of 200,000 km, the Kruzak will have problems with the hydraulic unit. Well, if you properly serve the PPC, it will be "almost eternal". The expert advises to change the AFT fluid every 60,000 km, so the SUV will be "immortal".

The specialist also noted that the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 has a reliable gear, braking system and suspension. "I do not know how to be a man so that something will break the suspension of this SUV," says a specialist on Kruzak. What the Land Cruiser 200 owner should be prepared for is the frequent replacement of the brake pads. In addition, the expert advises to pay attention to the frame that must be processed, especially in the areas of welding.

LKP "Kruzak" is very stable, for the first five years there will be no problems. Salon deserves a separate eulogy: there are practically no quality materials on plastic or seats. The expert summed up that the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is not killed in all respects: "This is a Japanese legend, the break will not work!".

Julia Romanova




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