“It’s incredible”, “Few concrete things”: the opposition criticizes the inaction of Minister Verlinden following the July floods

“The apprenticeship commission you announced has still not been set up. It’s incredible, I don’t understand why it’s taking so long,” criticized Yngvild Ingels (N-VA). “What is your plan for preventing this kind of disaster?” added Nabil Boukili (PTB).

Annelies Verlinden disputed these reproaches. “A first analysis of the operation of the emergency services has taken place. And the crisis center is currently working on an in-depth debriefing. In the short term, the crisis center will publish an integrated report,” she promised.

Regarding the civil security reform, the Minister specified that a first meeting of experts had taken place in December. “The final conclusions are expected in August and will be submitted to Parliament. Before that date, we can already discuss the first results of this study.” Finally, regarding the apprenticeship commission, “I would have preferred things to be done more quickly”, she admitted. “But I respect the public procurement procedure. I hope to be able to award this contract in the short term to start this work and quickly achieve it. Parliament will be involved and informed. A report will be presented in the next two.”

The answer did not convince the opposition deputies. “I will return to the province of Liège with a lot of declarations and few concrete things”, notably regretted Vanessa Matz (cdH). There are things that can be done that don’t have to wait for specifications. What will we do tomorrow or in a month if there is another climate catastrophe of this magnitude?

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