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[Warparty] 발매 트레일러

Intra Games (Bae Sang-chan, CEO) announced that “Warparty”, a real-time strategy (RTS) game for PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch, will be released for download only on July 9th in cooperation with Warcave.

“Warpati”, which deals with the fantasy of harmonizing dinosaurs and magic with three tribes of Wildlander, Necromas, and Bisara, each with its own characteristics, is a classic RTS that overpowers other forces by collecting resources and training more powerful troops. to be.

Wildlanders are a human tribe that trains wild animals such as dinosaurs to strengthen their army. The Wildlander is a tribe suitable for beginners in RTS, with the advantage of quick and inexpensive construction based on leader Mika’s excellent leadership. Another tribe Necromas is a Necromancer tribe that raises and manipulates the dead around the leader Tsar. Necromas is characterized by more aggressive play. Bishara, who deals with the spirit and nature, is a tribe made up of wild animals and spirits led by the sage Sage, and is suitable for RTS experts.

“War Party” allows you to enjoy the game in various modes such as campaign, AI battle, and survival, and provides a fresh experience of RTS enjoyed in console games through command input optimized for game controller.

“War Party” will be available today on July 9th through PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, and details can be found on the Intra Games official blog.


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