It’s not just more luxurious, it also goes further. Škoda showed the top Enyaq Laurin & Klement

Škoda introduced the sporty Enyaq in two versions, Sportline and RS, but the luxury variant was missing from the offer until now. The gap is now filled by a version with the traditional Laurin & Klement label, but not only leather seats and gray exterior details. It also brings an improved battery and a strengthened electric motor.

That it is technically different from the classic Enyaq is already indicated by the name of the new top version: Enyaq L&K 85, or 85x with all-wheel drive. Thus, the iV logo disappeared and the number also increased from 80 to 85. This means that Škoda has strengthened the electric drive system to a maximum of 210 kilowatts – that’s only 10 kilowatts less than the top version of the RS – and at the same time optimized the battery by software.

It has no greater capacity than the existing Enyaq iV 80 or 80x – 77 kWh are still usable. Nevertheless, through software modifications, the automaker extended the range to one charge. It is now 570 kilometers for the rear wheel drive (so far the coupe has traveled a maximum of 550 kilometers), and for the four-wheel drive it is 550 kilometers (the coupe has traveled a maximum of 526 kilometers so far). The charging time has also been adjusted, Škoda now states that the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent on the fast charger in less than half an hour.

Along with higher performance, the adjustment of dynamics goes hand in hand, the rear wheel accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds, which is two seconds better than before, the four-wheeler has improved to 6.6 seconds, which is an improvement of three tenths. The top speed also increased to 180 km/h.

These technical changes are waiting for the classic Enyaq iV as well, they should appear in the menu by the end of the year together with other changes brought by the ME 4 software. With it, the brand mainly highlights the possibility of preheating the battery, so that the battery reaches the optimal temperature before charging. The driver can activate it manually, but at the same time, the car can evaluate based on data from the navigation that it is heading to a fast charging station and start preheating automatically.

In addition to the battery, the new software version also brings simpler control of the on-board multimedia system, which the brand changed based on customer feedback. The graphics of the navigation and head-up display have been modified. Starting with the Enyaq Laurin & Klement, the iV label will disappear completely from electric Škoda cars, so the Enyaq will lose it before the end of the year.

In addition to technology, the Laurin & Klement equipment, which the brand will show for the first time this weekend at Legends in Prague’s Holešovice, also brings a whole range of design modifications. The most striking feature is the new front bumper, which, like the mirrors and rear diffuser, has details in gray. They don’t stand out so much on a silver car, but Škoda also released photos of a car with a red body, where, on the contrary, they are visible at first glance. As well as several chrome trim strips around the windows or the radiator grille, among other things. It itself is backlit by 131 diodes as standard.

Beige leather upholstery is standard in the interior, black will be available at an additional cost. Only in the L&K model can the interested party find ventilated front seats, other Enyaqs do not offer them even for an extra charge. By the way, the equipment of the more luxurious version will also include matrix front lights, tinted glass or 20-inch wheels, which can be exchanged for even one-inch larger rims as standard.

The price of the luxury version has not yet been determined, let’s remind you that the current peak in the form of the RS version costs 1,644,900 crowns with a classic body, or 1,704,900 crowns as a coupe.

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2023-05-23 09:01:08

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