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A NEW studio has revealed why you always come with your least favorite chocolates in Christmas trays.

The producers put less of the most popular sweets in the mix, which explains why there are always large chocolates in the orange and in the coffee instead of the green triangles.

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For fans of Quality Street, caramel hazelnut violet is the best choice

Researchers from which? rank by popularity all tastes in some of the best-selling Christmas sets.

The purpose of the study was to understand how many of each flavor had to make the perfect mix and the results were as many suspicions of chocoholics.

Popular tastes were underrepresented and there were many more of those less popular varieties.

For fans of Quality Street, for example, caramel hazelnut violet is the best choice, with a quarter nominating her as her favorite.

The producers are putting less of your favorite chocolates in selection tanks

Inequality Street? What is effective in a medium box

We want

11 – Purple One

10 – Green triangle

8 – Fudge

8 – Orange Creme

6 – Swirl caramel

6 – Caramel chocolate bar

5 – Strawberry delight

4- Cocunut Eclair

4 – Milk Choc Block

4 – Toffee Penny

4 – Toffee Deluxe

3 – Orange Crunch

We have

10 – Strawberry delight

9 – Orange Creme

7 – Milk Choc Block

6 – Toffee Deluxe

6 – Fudge

6 – Cocunut Eclair

6 – Caramel chocolate bar

6 – Swirl caramel

6 – Green triangle

5 – Orange Crunch

5 – Purple One

2 – Toffee Penny

But there are only five and six respectively in a 720g tank.

Nestlé, which makes Quality Street, said Which? which balances tanks by ordering the contents in three categories: cremes, chocolates and caramel / caramel.

Each tank is roughly divided into thirds along these lines, but the Purple Ones and the Green Triangles fall into the same category as five other chocolates.

And strawberry delights are in abundance because they are one of two types of fruit cream. But the good news is that quality Street said it was putting more of the most popular chocolates in this year's tanks.

The study showed that only 20 Cadbury Roses fans chose the caramel bite first.


Only 20 Cadbury Roses fans would choose the caramel bite first


The Mars & # 39; Heroes collection is more randomly selected, the studio shows
Quality Mrs. Street Lollipop advertisement

Harry Rose, director of Which? magazine, said: "Our analysis shows that it is not your family's fault that your favorite disappears so quickly: there are really too few Purple Ones to meet the demand."

Mars, which does Celebrations, and Cadbury & # 39; s, which produces Heroes, said that their assortments were randomly assigned.

Their mix includes ten of Teaser, Bounty, Galaxy and Galaxy Caramel from Maltesers, which are in perfect harmony with buyers' expectations.

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