It’s sad that the price of cooking oil is exorbitant in a country rich in palm oil


Cooking oil in the market has increased approximately, from the standard Rp. 11,000 – 11,500, now to Rp. 19,000 – 20,000. Even at the modern retail level, the promo price is still Rp. 15,000.

According to CHAIRMAN 1 of the Parent Market Traders Cooperative (Inkoppas) Andrian Lame Muhar, this incident is quite strange considering that Indonesia is one of the world’s largest oil-producing countries.

“Our country has the most oil palm plantations, and oil palm plantations are among the largest in the world, which can produce a lot of cooking oil, but the price of cooking oil is very high,” he said.

Andrian hopes that the government can give serious attention to this condition. He suspects, maybe one of the triggering factors is the imbalance between supply and demand. Where, export demand is higher than domestic, so palm oil mills prioritize selling palm oil products abroad rather than for domestic needs.

The government should, as a regulator, limit the movement of these entrepreneurs. If only the desire to export is the problem and even domestic needs cannot be met, the government must intervene directly through policy.

For example, he continued, by encouraging all manufacturing manufacturers related to palm oil or palm oil products to prioritize selling products for domestic needs,

“For example, 50-70% for domestic, the rest is for export, so that domestic demand is not a deficit,” he continued.

It goes on, cooking oil is included in the 9 staple ingredients of the community. If the price of cooking oil is high and traders also sell at a high price, then the people cannot enjoy.

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“In fact, there are many who do business using cooking oil, causing a domino effect,” said Andrian.



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