“It’s the only thing he wants”: the very strong revelation about Gallardo that shocked Argentine football

Without a doubt that the surname Gallardo It has become a global trend, which has captured the eyes of the old continent and even other leagues in the world. Sure, the results, the titles and their legendary era in River They have led him to identify himself as a figure on the planet football. But there are those who rescue other attributes of the DT from Millionaire.

The Doll was, is and will be a strategist from head to toe. He was one as a footballer and continued his legacy as a coach. And this is precisely one of the aspects that his colleagues stand out most in the Argentine soccer. His ideal linked to good play and his intention to keep it as much as possible on a court. Hence, the endless compliments to him.

Who spoke about the Argentine DT was his pair of Quilmes, Facundo Sava. The Colorado highlighted some of the virtues of one of the most important coaches in history. In this sense, he mentioned what is the deep desire of the Doll when he is faced with the challenge of leading a game. «The only thing he wants Gallardo is that Argentine football is ordered, “he said in El Show de la Oral.

In the same vein, the former Racing striker specified in detail the successes of the riverplatense coach and requested an express request for the fans and soccer leaders in our country. “I always say the same thing: let’s take care of Marcelo Gallardo, so that the best ones from here don’t leave,” explained the beer technician. Unrelenting admiration for the Doll?

For his part, Sava highlighted what makes a good coach and gave as an example his very case from when he was still a footballer at Gimnasia de La Plata. «At 20 years old, (Carlos) Griguol grabbed me and told me to write down all the training sessions that I had and that I was going to have. For this reason, he always used up the notebooks very quickly, “he concluded.

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