ITT CM93: Machines to the rescue of Madrid

Teams from all over Spain flock to the capital after Filomena’s passage

How many times have we talked about brands that surpass each day by launching new machines that offer more features, better technologies or greater performance. Today we want to tell you about the best machine of all: the human being. Also, it has a lot to do with the motto of HERE ‘The gear that unites people’.

It never ceases to amaze us the way some people act when the need arises. People who, when the storm arrives, instead of squatting down, throw themselves out to help out. In this case the storm is a squall named Filomena. And the people we are going to talk about are the human team of MAB and FAS.

MAB and FAS with 30 machines fight against Filomena

MAB and FAS, trusted customers of ITT CM93There are two companies, one based in Mallorca and the other based in Andalusia, which are dedicated, among other things, to the conservation and maintenance of roads, with delegations in the south of the peninsula and in Madrid.

When speaking with Iigo Uriarte, commercial director of the companies MAB and FAS, he insisted to us that they do not want publicity or flattery, they only want to help.

These two companies are used to providing services where it is needed, such as in rebuilding the coastline after storms on the beaches of Spain. This time Madrid was playing.

Filomena arrived last Friday to leave a layer of snow more than 50 cm thick on our doors. Madrid covered in snow was a fairytale city for two days, but in stories there is not always a happy ending. And what looked like a picture landscape had become a nightmare for those who needed to travel perhaps for work, perhaps out of necessity. Residences and hospitals with blocked entrances, impassable streets and roads. And to top it all, an unusual drop in temperature that turned snow into ice, making it even more difficult for cars and pedestrians to travel.

On Saturday afternoon, the Madrid City Council began to request the help of those companies with the machines and the necessary equipment to help out in this chaotic situation. Around six in the afternoon, Iigo Uriarte received one of those calls and immediately got in touch with his delegate, with those responsible for the machinery park and transport logistics, and at 12 at night the companies MAB and FAS were already there. putting in place an entire aid device that included gondolas loaded with machines and a large team of people willing to help out.

But as Iigo says, he is not alone. “We are a very united team that perfectly understood the gravity of the situation.” Since the company has a magnificent staff of workers and collaborators such as ITT CM93, which were immediately launched on a voluntary basis. These two companies were in charge of the coordination and start-up of a whole cash that would be dedicated during the following days to the intense de-icing work.

Who has a machine has a treasure

That began with the arrival of six machines, and in less than 24 hours there were already more than twenty machines that were working in the capital. At around six in the morning Iigo contacted Joan Valiente, from ITT CM93, who immediately offered the machines that he had at his disposal in Palma. Six skid steer loaders (some of them brand new) that MAB and FAS were commissioned to load onto a ferry bound for Barcelona and then Madrid.

Heroes in the time of Filomena

As I write these lines, the entire team of MAB and FAS volunteers are working tirelessly to make it possible for Madrid to return to normal.

It is clear that it is not a task for a single man, nor for a single company, nor for 35 machines. Today there are thousands of people lending a hand and hundreds of machines that have been made available to the capital. And the most curious thing is that if the Madrid City Council had not called, they would have come in the same way. Because these hundreds of people know that when the tough times come, only the tough can cope. And those duros are a set of machines composed of excavators, mini excavators, tractors, telescopic, trucks, etc. And of course, and most importantly, those people who have opened the doors of their garages, their factories and warehouses, their dealerships to send us that great army of machines capable of returning normalcy to our city in just a few days.

At a time like the one we are living with COVID, seeing on the news how aid is pouring in from different parts of the peninsula is truly overwhelming.

From here we want to thank not only MAB and FAS, ITT CM93 and to his entire team of collaborators, but to all businesspeople, freelancers and workers, who when the time comes become true heroes at the service of the population.

And to finish I want to emphasize that, at this precise moment, as I write these lines in the warmth of my home, many of these heroes are driving a machine with which they will clean our streets until dinner time without forgetting that the temperatures before the end the day will be around 10 below zero.

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