ITV GMB: "Nice to meet you" Alex Beresford in hysterics, as predicted by the hijackings of Bianca Del Rio – Express


UK presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd finished their show this morning by hosting Bianca Del Rio.

The drag superstar came to talk about his new book and his upcoming performances at Wembley.

But she could not leave without looking after a piece of the show for herself – and Alex Beresford was her guinea pig.

Ben sent Bianca away to present the time with the journalist, who was happy to settle for having handed the remote to the time table.

As the details reached the screen describing a "gray and drizzly" day, Bianca announced: "This is what is happening today: nothing."

Then she became fascinated by the button for the chart, as she began to say: "See if I push the rain!

"And soon the temperatures will rise".

Pointing to the weather journalist Alex, he added: "You're no longer necessary".

He then went on to ask, "This is brilliant – is that all you have to do?"

To which Alex replied: "Yes, it's easy – and they pay me!"

"Do they pay you for this?" Bianca laughed. Inviting Alex to say: "Not very well …"

Alex went on to say that Laura Tobin's work was about to end after Bianca started presenting the time.

He joked: "Laura Tobin was nice to meet you!"

The fans of the show were absolutely delighted to see that Bianca took on the role of weather presenter and began tweeting their icon support.

One wrote: "Waking up to @ TheBiancaDelRio telling me that the weather forecast on #gmb made my morning!"

Another said: "Loved Bianca on #GMB does not see the time to see her in September !!"

A third added: "Omg !!!! YAS #Biancadelrio in my tv in the morning! Do not improve this #GMB"

While another has exclaimed: "@ TheBiancaDelRio doing the time on @GMB something I thought I would never have seen … but oh so fabulous! #GMB #biancadelrio."

Laura should come back to the show on Monday morning.

Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays at 6 am on ITV.


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