Ivan Kostov stood behind Lozan Panov and criticized “We continue the change”

Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev use untruths, the faults of the failed two parliaments must be divided equally among all, except for “Democratic Bulgaria”

“We continue the change” should note that they have lost the trust of other political parties. One of the reasons is that they use untruths – for example, that Kiril Petkov was not a dual citizen. The claims of Asen Vassilev are also untrue. who, while he was Minister of Finance, said that RIA had committed colossal violations, and according to the state financial control, the agency had not violated anything. We are coming! “For a pre-election agreement that was even refuted.” This was stated in the program “Face to Face” by bTV the economist and former prime minister in the period 1997-2001 Ivan Kostov.

According to him, the blame for the last two failed parliaments should be shared equally among all politicians, with the exception of “Democratic Bulgaria”, which, according to him, has always supported the thesis that there should be a government agreement, even if there is no their representatives. “I don’t blame certain parties, probably for some of them the trust will be much less, if at all,” he added.

Election forecasts

Kostov also predicts the course of events after the November 14 elections, if the results are close to those of the polls. According to him, the greatest chance to form a government is with the third term. It depends on what majority will be formed, because from now on it is clear that GERB and MRF will not have a majority in parliament, the rest will have many seats, but there the BSP must form a government without the votes of “Democratic Bulgaria”, so it depends on who will be given this mandate to be successful, “the economist explained.

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For presidential candidates

The former prime minister also commented on the main candidates in the presidential race, appointing Lozan Panov as his “representative” in this election. “I want to thank Mr. Lozan Panov for agreeing, because I know what courage and what strength you want to face against a conquered judiciary, to try to fight almost alone, to expose yourself to constant harassment, bullying by the Prosecutor’s Office, tax, etc. I have experienced it and I know how much power is required of a person when he is run over to encourage and go out and want to fight more, this is very nice to me, he is my representative in this election, “he said.

However, Kostov expressed doubts about the approach in the management of the current head of state Rumen Radev. “I have very serious doubts about the fact that the president and his team understand democratic rules and institutions and how they work, whether they are aware of the connection with political parties, the dependence on the judiciary, because before our eyes he reacts, barely “When they entered his office. He could have shown even greater firmness, tried for a long time to be between NATO and Russia and won the distancing of NATO countries and the humiliating attitude of Russia. These are very big questions for me,” he said. criticizes the economist.

The former prime minister also explained why, in his opinion, Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov is connected with the MRF. Before the New Time party was formed, Mr. Koshlukov and Miroslav Sevlievski were fierce spokesmen and detractors against me and my family, thus winning Ahmed Dogan’s blessing. When they founded their party, he declared them great. the same forum, Mr. Gerdjikov was elected in the leadership of the “New Time” and therefore received the epithet that they are “MRF in NMSS. I know that who has once entered the orbit of the MRF, if not the courage of Osman Oktay, never it can’t get out of that orbit, “he said.

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In the mirror of the economic crisis

The word “crisis” is greatly exaggerated. According to economic theory, one cannot speak of a crisis without double-digit inflation. In addition, statistics in the West show higher inflation than in Bulgaria. This does not mean that there are no comments on large increases. for resource prices, this is a fact that is seriously discussed, but if we look at Bulgarian prices against those in the EU, we will see that fuel prices are the lowest in Bulgaria, those of electricity and gas are also among the most I understand that we need to show understanding for the concerns of Bulgarian producers, but they are not in a worse position than others in the EU. ” Thus, Ivan Kostov commented on the situation in Bulgaria and added that in 1997 he would dream of a monthly inflation of 3.7%.

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