Through your official Twitter account, Iván Mejía wrote this Saturday a message against the Espn analyst and called him a “gravedigger”, He ended up that he had used a few days ago to refer to César Augusto Londoño.

Vallecaucano commentator, who is retired from the media, did not miss the opportunity to praise the narrator Miguel Simón, Wolff’s constant partner in the sports channel’s football broadcasts.

“Simon is great. Prepare the matches, bring data and stories, a professional. The other is a slobbering gravedigger, “Mejía posted on the social network.

The renowned journalist, likewise, shared this Friday a trill of a user against the former Real Madrid defender, after Espn’s broadcast of Bayern Munich’s 8-2 win over Barcelona.

Although he has been away from the media for almost two years, Ivan Mejia He continues to give his opinions on the current situation of the national income, the Colombian National Team and international football on social networks.

Here, the message:


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