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The arrival of Ivanka Trump, adviser and daughter of US President Donald Trump is scheduled for tonight.

And his visit, which can be classified as unusual, was obtained thanks to the management of Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez.

The two-day Ivanka Trump agenda includes an event at the American Embassy on Women's Economic Emancipation and the launch of the women's fund is slated for IDB.

It will also be in Cúcuta, where the women's house will open and will leave a floral offer at the Santander General Police School, where Eln's attack was.

The vice president spoke of the most important aspects of that visit, including binational cooperation for women's emancipation and foreign investment in the country.

When is Ivanka Trump expected to be present?

The visit will take place between 2 and 4 September. The agenda is a tour of different themes, sectors and cities. All linked to the empowerment of women, an issue in which she and I identify ourselves.

What this trip really means is to show you the different projects we have for the economic empowerment of women, both rural women and small and medium-sized businesses in urban areas where women are owners and leaders in the development of these companies.

We hope that some of these entrepreneurs can export their products to the United States.

How did you bring it?

I asked for an appointment. I was in May in Washington and I told her what we were doing and the interest I had for her commitment to empowering women, which would allow her to approach Latin America and, in particular, to Colombia.

What did you see in Colombia to visit?

Well, he even sent a very generous message about what I did here in Colombia. He said that we have a leadership that really shows an integral vision of the importance of women every day.

On this issue we have obtained, first of all, that gender equality is represented in a chapter of the national development plan.

Secondly, it is reflected in the fact that the vice-president of a common cabinet is a woman.

Thirdly, the ministers, men and women, have the commitment and obligation to define plans and programs that guarantee the fairness of women.

Fourthly, the leadership that I have assumed with mayors and governors, which allows us to bring this policy to a territorial level.

Fifthly, the fact that we are working so that at a rural level we can organize women's cooperatives capable of producing and giving added value to their products.
All this is a very integral agent of actions to get that women's power.

We are interested in his great emphasis on women and his great access to many world leaders, because we believe he speaks well of Colombia ".

Will they go to the border to tackle the problem of Venezuela?

I really talked a lot with Venezuelan women, I expressed my concern because the conditions in which they arrive are truly dramatic.

I've seen at the border, so many times I've gone, girls who sell their long hair to get the chance of revenue. Imagine after selling your hair what's left to sell, the body, who knows in what conditions. This is the reason why I really wanted him to accompany what I am doing from the vice presidency, which is to create homes for women in some parts of the country, where they can have integral training and support programs, to have that economic autonomy.

Ce n & # 39; s already one who works in Pasto, in Nariño, about three months ago. I want to open one in Cúcuta for Colombian women, but a special one for Venezuelan women, to strengthen their skills and abilities in order to fill this disparity of inequality.

Why is this visit the key to Colombia?

First of all, because of its great commitment to women, of course, and because it has the capacity to convene other leaderships, to convene the international community, so that they help us improve women's conditions.

One thing I proposed to him is that we hope in the future to create a binational council of women entrepreneurs from Colombia and the United States. Secondly, because she is a brilliant woman, and a woman like this can bring us investments from the Americans and from many places in the world.

Could you help get new resources?

The US government has the American Women Initiative, which was launched in April last year to mobilize $ 500 million of private capital for women's businesses, and I would expect several hundred thousand Colombians to enter amount.




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