Izabela Janachowska parades on Spanish holidays in a costume decorated with 24K GOLD (PHOTO)

Izabela Janachowska she never hid that traveling abroad is one of her greatest passions. Only this year, the celebrity hosted, among others in the Maldives, Dubai or France, and of course it doesn’t stop there. The holiday season is in full swing, and most media personalities are planning or have already gone on a relaxing holiday in warm corners of the world.

It is no different in the case of Izabela Janachowskawhich chose sunny Spain as another direction. It was there that she rested with her husband and son Christopher Alexanderwho recently celebrated its 3rd birthday. The wedding expert, however, remembered to keep the fans informed about her activities, so that her profile featured many photos against the background of the local views.

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Recently, Iza presented herself on a private yacht in an airy dress with a “cat” motif, and of course her relatives accompanied her on a relaxing journey. In recent days, she has also been busy, because she eagerly photographed herself against the rough waves and blue sky. During one of the holiday sessions for Instagram, she also boasted a white cut-out swimsuit.

There is sunshine. Don’t forget about the sunscreen cream! Take care of yourself – she wrote.

It turns out that this time Janachowska chose a fairly modest set, because the manufacturer valued it at less than PLN 600. However, it was not without a bit of luxury, because decorative elements, according to the manufacturer’s information, are plated with 24-carat gold. Soon after, Iza also showed up in a black bikini with straps, to which she chose a branded baseball cap and a mysterious crystal that hung around her neck.

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It feels good going in the right direction – she mumbled.

See how Iza played with her family in sunny Spain. She’s gonna live like that?

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they marry millionaires and then starve themselves so that he would not leave them and find another dog, younger and thinner

It was her weight loss that had a terrible effect on her bust πŸ™

Whatever she’s wearing, I can only see her big teeth

Please support the fundraiser for little Henio Maciocha, who fights for his life with cancer, only 4 days left …

Don’t forget that sunscreen doesn’t protect against skin cancer. The cream protects against burns.

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Jarek- keep doing your job- from this country and nothing will happen

I only see her big mouth ,, πŸ™‚ Average. Let’s remember about children who are starving.

Mother who is watching me at all ???? it’s a waste of time !! And by the way, skin and bones sympathize with life by denying itself good food!

female horse, artificial to the maximum, lest there is a millionaire, you would not write about her and there would be no such promotion

The husband has so much money and she is starving. It’s sad. The bones are sticking out.

Does the nose get shorter with age – maybe I can’t see well. Maybe mine will also be smaller.

Unfortunately, it is a tragedy to be able to make a desiccated mummy out of yourself. In my opinion, it should be treated because it is obvious anorexia. Woman, you have a baby.

teeth done, it’s time for a bust

A woman – a horse … but every horse with this plastic and banality looks much better …

If she had not married the master of the candlestick, she would still be a common dancer. Now a great millionaire. It’s strange that none of the celebrities will fall in love with a warehouse worker with a salary of 4,000.

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