J. K. Rowling has not commented for the first Time, TRANS-phobic as a result. Daniel Radcliffe tried this week to smooth the waters.


The success of author J. K. Rowling sparked on social media with discriminatory Tweets from again a Shitstorm. “Harry Potter”actor Daniel Radcliffe signs up to claim to the word.

Actor Daniel Radcliffe has written the beginning of this week, a long and heartfelt message about the recent Tweets of the “Harry Potter”author J. K. Rowling. The statements of the British woman have been sentenced ranging as TRANS-phobic as a result.

In a Blog of the “Trevor Project”, an organization for crisis management and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth, has Radcliffe obtained a clear position in terms of Rowling-Tweets.

“Even if Jo (Rowling) is, without doubt, responsible for the course has taken my life, I feel obliged to say something – as someone who has worked for the past decade with and for the “Trevor Project”, and simply as a human being,” wrote Radcliffe.

“TRANS women are women. Any statement to the contrary does not negate the identity and Dignity of TRANS people. It is contrary to every message that professional health organizations that have far more Expertise than Jo and I talking.”

The sharp criticism of Rowling touched by the Tweets of last Saturday, in which they reacted to the formulation “people who menstruate”. The term came from an article about the injustices in the healthcare system.

“”People who menstruate”, I’m sure there was a word for these people,” she commented. “Can someone help me?”, Rowling asked, in allusion to the word “women”.

For an immediate Shitstorm about your comment on social media, double of the author: “If the gender is not real, then there is no same-sex attraction. If the sex is not real, then the lived reality of all women is wiped out on the world. I know and love TRANS people, but the concept of sex to wipe out, hinder many, to discuss about their life. It is not hateful to speak the truth.”

Among the Countless condemning Rowling was an organization that campaigns for the rights of the LGBTQ Community, but also, for example, the Scottish actress Katie Leung, who played the role of Hogwarts student Cho Chang in the “Harry Potter”Franchise.

“It is clear that we need to do more to support TRANS people – and not to make their identities are invalid and cause more damage,” continued Daniel Radcliffe in his Blog.

He found words of consolation for the “Harry Potter”Fans who are disappointed due to the behaviour of J. K. Rowling:

“If you have taught these books are anything, it’s that love is the strongest force in the universe – and everything can be overcome. They have taught you, that you find strength in diversity and that dogma leads tables ideologies of purity for the suppression of vulnerable groups. If you find something that you coined, or in your life has helped – then the between you and the book you’ve read, and thus it is sacred.”

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