J. Zdovc disappointed in the first half of “Terrible”: “I was afraid of this match”

“I congratulate my players. It wasn’t easy, I expected such a difficult match because Utena has a very good team. I was scared of this match because I know what players are starting to think after such two victories. This is exactly what happened during the first part of the match. We were slow. Utena scores 90 points during the match – if he wants to stop them, he has to play hard in defense. It was awful. As you can see, all of our throws were too short – the players were not ready for the match. They may look for excuses such as fatigue, but that is our job.

The second half was much better. We improved our defense, made better decisions, and started earning points because we worked well in defense. As a coach, I was only able to relax three minutes before the end of the match.

We won. All is well, but not really, “laughed Zdovc, who summed up the match.

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min nuotr./Jure Zdovcas

Kaunas “Žalgiris” won all three victories this week and finally opened an account in the Euroleague. This has definitely reduced the psychological tension felt by the people of Žalgiris in the first months of the season, but with the victories, the responsibilities are also increasing, says J. Zdovcas.

“It simply came to our notice then. I am starting to feel more and more about the team, the players – how they think, how they react to difficult situations, who is best off playing on the field. Every day and during every new match, I face new challenges. That’s our job. “

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min nuotr./Tyleris Cavanaugh

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Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min nuotr./Tyleris Cavanaugh

Slovenia was also asked about the rapidly improving Tyler Cavanaugh, who scored 20 points and 26 utility points in the victory against Juventus.

“It simply came to our notice then that Tyler’s parents had arrived and they had brought us success. Tyler is a very serious guy who spends all day in the gym. He works a lot individually, tries to improve his game and listens. I have one pleasure working with such players. His weaknesses are clear, but he wants to improve and strengthen. Every time he steps on the parquet, Tyler tries his best 100 percent. ”

The Žalgiris strategist said after the match that the match was even harder than the duel with Istanbul’s Fenerbahche. The coach had his own explanation for this.

“It simply came to our notice then. After the first part of the game, I said I saw two completely different teams. The one who played against Fenerbahce – everyone seems to be flying, the spare bench jumps out of place. The other, where no one is talking, sits with faded faces and shows no emotion. I was trying to squeeze out at least some emotion, and today it was very difficult for me to wake them up and find a way out of this horrible first half. ”

Barcelona, ​​led by Šarūnas Jasikevičius, is waiting for the green-whites in the Euroleague next week. The duel will take place on 26 November in Catalonia.

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