Jablonskytė, the debutant of the Games, revenge on the Croatian, but did not equal the Frenchman in the eighth final

1964 In the arena built for the Tokyo Olympic Games, the name of which means the Japanese Martial Arts Hall in Lithuanian, S. Jablonskytė won one victory and suffered one defeat.

The Lithuanian athlete’s Olympic debut was marked by entering the eighth final, in which the 16 strongest judo wrestlers fought.

In the weight category over 78 kg in the first fight, S. Jablonskytė’s victory over the Croatian Ivan Marinič was determined by the action evaluated by Ippon. After this assessment, the fight is over. Already before this action, performed 3 minutes after the start of the fight. 41 sec., Lithuanian had a one-point advantage.

The 31st place in the world ranking, the athlete of our country, retaliated against the Croatian, currently in the 35th place in the ranking, for failure in the first confrontation between them in 2018.

After the evaluation of Ippon, S.Jablonskytė’s second fight ended. However, one of the favorites of the Games, in 2018 and 2020, was not happy about the victory in the eighth final. European champion, this year’s World Masters winner is Frenchwoman Romane Dicko. She is sixth in the world rankings.

The confrontation between Lithuania and France lasted only 28 seconds. S. Jablonskytė did not stop the emotions that were poured out in tears much longer after the fight.

“I really didn’t expect it to end like this, I was in a very good mood, there was no excitement before the competition, the first fight went well too,” said the wrestler. She made no secret of the fact that her emotions turn into tears not only after defeats, but also after victories.

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Speaking about the eighth final duel, the athlete said: “I have fought France more than once. It’s a brutally awkward, brutally awkward, brutally well-known rival.

She waited until I started doing her thing. I was provoked in the first attack. I stopped, I didn’t complete my action, she hung my leg and I screwed her on myself. That’s how the fight ended. It’s very disappointing that it all ended so quickly. There was no need to rush. But you only understand that when you get off the tatami. “

At the opening of the Olympic Games together with swimmer Giedrius Titenis, S. Jablonskytė, who wore the Lithuanian flag, said that she would like to return to the Olympic tatami: “The desire to play sports is not disappearing. I haven’t achieved everything I want yet.

The games themselves taught a lot. I’m not just talking about my competition. Here you learn from other athletes, live together with them. He seems like a complete stranger, and he gets sick of him as if he were his own. Because he is fighting for Lithuania.

Here I see how the whole Lithuanian team is sick for each other. It shows that there is something more than just your own result. Lithuania’s result means a lot to us that we can support each other. These games have taught me a lot. I will not list everything. But it was a very pleasant, and maybe a little unpleasant experience for the future. “

The Nippon Budokan Arena, which hosts Olympic judo and karate fights, has seen more than just concerts by The Beatles, ABBA, Kiss, Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton, Ozzy Osbourne and other world music superstars.

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The most prestigious karate event takes place every four years in the arena called the Mecca of Japanese Martial Arts – the full contact world championship without weight restrictions. Lithuanian athletes have climbed the podium more than once in this competition.

By the way, the Lithuanian Olympics started with responsible positions – S. Jablonskytė together with the swimmer Giedrius Titenis carried the Lithuanian flag during the opening ceremony.

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