Jager accidentally kills 11-year-old daughter | Abroad

Daisy Grace Lynn George had just returned from the hunt with her father when he tried to disable his rifle at the car. He allegedly cocked the gun because he thought the firearm was no longer loaded. However, it turned out that there was still a bullet in the warehouse, sheriff BJ Fletcher explained at a news conference on Monday.

“He thought he had disabled the gun, but unfortunately that was not the case,” Fletcher said. “When the rooster snapped back, the gun went off. The girl was hit by the bullet as she was about to get into the car.

The seriously injured girl had to be rushed to hospital, but due to the low clouds it was not possible to call an air ambulance. An ambulance took her to the hospital, 12 miles away. When she got there she was pronounced dead.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the accident. It is unknown if the father will be prosecuted. According to Fletcher, everything points to the shooting being a tragic accident. “Every time a young person loses their life, it’s tragic for everyone involved,” he said.

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