Jaime Barbini Boyacense actor Boaycá Theater: Boyacense actor Jaime Barbini in a delicate state of health | Tunja

Jaime Barbini Chaparro, a 79-year-old native of the city of Tunja, suffered a stroke and is now hospitalized in the West clinic in the city of BogotáAccording to Jazmín Becerra Moreno, the actor’s wife, in October Barbni had just come out of asymptomatic covid-19 positive.

“Despite the spill, he has reacted, moves a hand, opens his eyes, understands, listens, at times he mentions some words, sends greetings to family members by video call, and he is patient, but his health is quite delicate”, indicated, Jasmine Becerra, the actor’s wife.

The actor’s wife comments that friends and family had an act of solidarity by sharing the actor’s bank account through social networks, helping to mitigate the economic value that is increasing at the Clínica del Occidente. “Jaime does not have resources, with a pension, at this moment he does not have any salary, we had some savings and we took them out, but in the midst of this situation, I am grateful to all the people who have supported us,” said Jazmín Becerra.

Jazmín Becerra clarifies that they were in Bogotá when everything happened, and that the actor was preparing to program a play that he already has written.

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