Jamal Suleiman with his only son: The children have grown up

Share the Syrian actorJamal SuleimanFollowers, a photo of his only son, Muhammad, on his personal page on the social networking site.
Jamal and his son appeared in the picture, smiling, and attached a comment saying: “The children have grown up and the sweetest companionship is with Abu Hamid.”
The photo impressed the audience, and they interacted with it with comments.
On the other hand, Jamal Suleiman played the lead role in the series “peacockWho entered the recurring race in the month ofRamadanAl-Madhi, written by Karim Al-Dalil, under the supervision of Muhammad Nair, and directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz.
Gamal participated in the series with the two Egyptian actressesSamiha AyoubوSahar Al Sayegh​.


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