James Jirayu opened a garden house in Phichit for the first time. as wide as the eye can see Just fruit, throw 10 rai!

James Jirayu opens a garden house in Phichit for the first time, wide as far as the eye can see. Mom revealed that at first she was going to do it for fun, but now she has planted more than 10 rai of fruits and vegetables.

Image from Instagram jirayu_jj

Is another star who has a garden house in the provinces to return to relax on free days for young actors James Jirayu Most recently, he was brought to open a garden house in Phichit Province for the first time via YouTube channel. Jirayu Tangsrisuk

The beginning of making this garden house came from young James’s mother. Which does not focus on making a garden like a big business But grow everything you want to eat, such as mangoes, jackfruit, bananas, durians, vegetables, kitchen gardens, etc. Whoever comes, gives away, while James’s father is the one who goes through and grows his own fruit garden. It’s a lot of fun, but when you do it a lot, it gets tiring. but still fun

Image from Instagram jirayu_jj

While the father of the young James revealed that it was the desire of the mother who wanted to have a garden. There are some that have their own way. because before there was never any place There are only houses for sale. When I felt that I wanted to have a garden and when I had money, I could buy my own.

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