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James’ mother defends her daughter on social networks, supports surgeries | Soccer trivia

Pilar Rubio, mother of James Rodríguez, came to the defense of her youngest daughter, Juana Valentina, after a comment on social networks that caused annoyance.

The mother of the star Real Madrid player did not remain silent before a woman who suggested that the beautiful influencer abuses cosmetic surgeries and that her lips do not seem natural.

This is the publication of Juana Valentina, which was accompanied by a spiritual message:

More than 700 thousand people made comments, but Pilar Rubio concentrated on one: “” That was what Lina Tejeiro said, that it was natural to change, just exercise and look, time will tell, these girls so cute and young how they wear so much As I know that many will hate me here, bye. “

Faced with this criticism, the mother of the beautiful Juana Valentina said: “I am not used to answering comments like yours … but today I am going to do it: Juana Valentina’s lips are natural … Princess, the way she applies her lipstick is the reason that they look like this, and second, women, men or whoever has the right to change their body and face as many times as they want as long as they do it responsibly and advised by the right people and do not put their risk Health”.

And he added: “Stop being inventing and assuring things that you did not see. There is no need for that type of criticism, less among women. Ask GOD to heal you, that the worst disease is gossip, envy and resentment, happy doll day. “



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