James Rodríguez’s sister talks about her controversial relationship with Daniela Ospina

Juana Valentina, the sister of James Rodriguez, He referred to the relationship he has with Daniela Ospina.

For several months, it has been rumored that the young woman does not get along very well with the ex-partner of the Colombian soccer player, who is also the mother of Salomé, her niece.

This version grew up among the followers of James Rodríguez’s family since Juana Valentina was very close to Shannon de Lima, the current couple of the Colombian.

Despite this, the young influencer performed a dynamic in which she answered this and more questions about her life.

Regarding the supposed hatred towards Daniela Ospina, the woman said: “We don’t hate each other. I have no rancor with anyone, in fact, on several occasions I have said that I am absolutely grateful to Daniela because she made me an aunt ».

“I have respect for her because she is my niece’s mother, so I don’t get along with anyone, I don’t hate anyone, I don’t know where they get this from”, clarified Juana Valentina.

His unknown father

The youtuber also referred to the relationship she has with her father, Juan Carlos Restrepo, man who is not the father of James Rodríguez since she is his sister only on the part of his mother, María del Pilar Rubio.

“My parents separated when I was little. I stayed with my mom, for obvious reasons and for that reason I have a closer relationship with my mom, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love and don’t respect my dad, of course I love and respect him, but that’s why you don’t see him almost on my social networks because we are not in the same place (…) “my dad and I don’t live in the same city, that’s why we eventually see each other and with the quarantine it is super difficult the whole issue of traveling”, he claimed.

Finally, he added that he is not in Spain, along with his mother, brother and nephews, since he is working in Colombia.


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