James Webb Telescope: Name causes trouble

The James Webb Space Telescope is a NASA mega project. But many scientists are angry. The reason is the name of the telescope.

This is what the James Webb Telescope is supposed to look like in action.

Photo: Nasa

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a superlative instrument: The ten billion dollar JWST project of the Nasa as well as the This is scheduled to take off on board an Ariane launcher in the fall. If everything goes according to plan, the James Webb Space Telescope dwarfs the Hubble telescope: the one that has been in use for more than three decades Hubble-Telescope is located 500 kilometers above the earth. The James Webb Space Telescope, meanwhile, will operate at an incredible 1.5 million kilometers away, forever changing our view of space.

A project that NASA – as so often – celebrates with a lot of pathos. “Webb is an exemplary mission that epitomizes perseverance,” said Gregory L. Robinson, Webb’s program director at NASA headquarters in Washington. “I am inspired by our dedicated team and our global partnerships that made this incredible endeavor possible. Together we overcame technical obstacles on the way and challenges during the coronavirus pandemic. “

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