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The man that everyone thought was perfect was sabotaged and exposed by his brother in The Bachelorette – the shocking revelation that comes only a few hours after Angie was dressed by another boy's father and considered not good enough to be a & Heir to the cake of the empire family.

Carlin spun a web of lies. First we found out that he is still married. Then it got worse when it was revealed that it has lip fillers. Tonight, his brother comes out and confirms Carlin's shooting for a concert as an extra Neighborhood and surely went on The Bachelorette to create a profile.

What makes it even more offensive is Carlin a terrible actor and we are forced to witness a seriously embarrassing scene that takes place on a random suburban dead-end while all the neighbors pull out their bins.

But first, we head to the central coast to meet Timmmm's family and his best friend Jackson. Now Jackson hates Angie and we're pretty sure he wants to hang out with Timmmm.

So, in line with tonight's theme of lies and sabotage, he tells Angie that Timmmmm is a party kid who doesn't want to settle down. Now, we love the lies and the sabotage in this show – indeed, we encourage both – but Jackson is just wasting our time. We are not bothered by the fact that he lied about Timmmm. We are annoyed that he did not make the lie darker and more sinister. The next!

JAMES WEIR RECAPS: The Bachelorette episode 9

JAMES WEIR RECAPS: The Bachelorette episode 10

We head to Ryan's hometown and can hardly contain ourselves on the Jetstar flight because we were promised a fight. Angie is still smoking after discovering that Ryan lied to her about never applying for a previous set of this crap before. It's probably a conversation to have in a private place but she rushes to him on the beach.

"I was just agitated in the sense that I lived only to work and when I received the call to say that we would like you to request The Bachelorette, I was alone, you know what? I will say yes, "he explains." I was asked to audition. So I didn't do everything to do it. And I didn't think about it too much. So I spent the first audition, but it didn't happen or go anywhere. . "

Angie seems rather annoyed that Ryan auditioned for the Ali series The Bachelorette and, not to speculate, but she's probably just worried that Ryan liked her after hearing all those rumors on the stairs.

"I didn't know it was you," he confirms. "If I had not been asked, I would not have done anything to run for it. But in this case, knowing it was you, I was going to do everything humanly possible to deal with it."

Do we believe him? Look, it seems like new lies are being shown every second in this show. We need Meryl Streep to get in and look around in everyone's business the way she did when she wore those fake teeth Big little lies. Until that happens, we will allow everyone to continue lying to Angie and do nothing about it.

Let's go back to Sydney to meet Jackson and show us around the family van. His father – the pastry chef and former footballer Sean Garlick – is worried that Angie is using her son to take advantage of the family's fortune and become an heir.

"Dad doesn't want me to end up with a freeloader," Jackson tells Angie. Wow. It's like a cake in the face.

When Angie arrives at the pie kingdom, Jackson's father calls her The Pie King. OK, it's a lie. But we will call it The Pie King as a sign of respect.

The Pie King is not impressed by Angie's career as Goggleboxer and doesn't think she has the ethics of the work needed to make it in the high-stakes child's play.

"Jackson is not following her to the Sunshine Coast! We have the Garlick family company! There are no free days with the Garlick family company! It works seven days a week!"

Mmmhhhmmm mmmhhmmm. Interesting. Not to be disrespectful to The Pie King, but we didn't realize that his cake empire had a seat located on a yacht off the coast of Cabo, where he celebrated his fiftieth birthday with Jackson and a group of girls bikini the other week.

"I think it's important for our son to find someone of a similar kind of person: he works hard, independent. Those types of traits … you can't learn them. You only have them or you don't," he growls at Angie. Yowza. Another cake in the face.

Angie has had enough cake for one night and calls time. While saying goodbye to Jackson, he begs him to open up and reveal his feelings more. So we have an embarrassing series of beeps followed by a laugh and not even Angie seems to understand what just happened.

"BLEEEEEP of your feelings, I alone BLEEEEP that is BLEEEEP," he says.

And it's not the last cake in the face for Angie tonight.

We push Angie into an Uber and head to Carlin's brother's place, where we give everyone an exhilarating anecdote about how Angie was banned from the cake empire and had her astonished dreams of always becoming an heir a pie. Carlin's brother listens carefully and leaves us a little surprised at how fascinated he is.

Brother takes Angie away for an informal chat in which he casually quotes the moment when the clerical weeping Jamie lied and told her that Carlin was here just to start a career as an actor in Neighborhood. Crazy, right? Apparently not.

"I mean, leading to this, Carlin was pursuing his acting career," his brother shrugs.

Oh my. Angie was tricked for about the seventh time in 24 hours. It's really getting too predictable.

"Actually, he didn't tell me. And do you think he could use this … for that?"

He is around now that his brother realizes that he probably just said a lot of things he shouldn't and the camera zooms.

"Ahhh. Ummmmm, ”he stares at the ground. "I think so. I think at the beginning … yes. This is the career you're looking for."

Angie can barely breathe. I mean, he just came to terms with the fact that Carlin lied about his lip filler. Now this? The most shocking thing of all is that Jamie was right.

It's just one thing to do: drag Carlin onto the driveway and face him in the dark dead end while all the neighbors peek through their Venetian blinds.

"I came here for serious reasons, as I told you," pleads Carlin, but Angie doesn't believe him.

"He doesn't think that's what you came here for. He said he thinks you came here mainly because of your acting. Being honest! I don't care if you're an actor. That doesn't mean you can't love. Di & # 39 "Only you're an actor," asks Angie.

"Acting isn't really such a big idea in my life. I'm not shooting for the stars. I'm not rushing. F k **. I feel so strongly about you," he explains. He's not trying to beat Brad Pitt for Hollywood roles! He's just trying to get by and make money to pay for his lip treatments. If it marks a role in the role of Toadie's warmest lost brother Neighborhood, great! He would also be content with a recurring role as a runaway teenager on whom Irene adopts At home and away from home! In the beginning his character would have been a moody troublemaker and Alf would have led a campaign to escape out of town, but then Leah would have been robbed and would have stopped the thief in action and suddenly become Summer's golden boyfriend Bay. Damn, Angie – she's not asking for much!

But then Carlin goes and ruins his chances of scoring a role when he gives this awkward performance and all the neighbors start chuckling.

"When I look at you, me to see you. You can't fake this shit. You can't fake feelings, "he stumbles – trying to impress casting directors all over the nation – as our bodies tighten up for the dignity cringe unfolding before us." If you can't see me at the end of the day for what they are and for what we have built … Then it's all. You know what, that's all. I'm taking care of you, hey. "

Carlin breaks down and Angie escapes into the dark dead end sobbing, avoiding for a moment being hit by a passing Hyundai Getz.

So far, both Ryan and Carlin have lied to Angie's face just to be discovered. Surely one of them will be sent home tonight? Angie appreciates honesty and integrity on everything and, at this stage of the competition, is tired of games and does not want skinny men who bend the truth.

On the other hand, she is still annoyed by the King of the Pie who does not consider her worthy enough to enter the pie kingdom and take the reins of the cake empire, so she sends The Pie Prince home in the pie van.

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