Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about his physical transformation for his last role: “I’ve been hiding my belly since I was 11”

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has spoken about her physical transformation for the film “Everything All at Once” in which she plays Deirdre Beaubeirdra, a tax auditor at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In a publication posted on Instagram, the 63-year-old actress appears without a filter, with a few extra pounds.

“In the world, there is an industry – an industry that brews millions, billions of dollars – of hiding things. Correctors. Sculpting underwear. Injections. Cosmetic surgery procedures. Clothes. Hair accessories. Hair products. Everything to conceal the reality of who we are”denounces the actress.

“I told the whole film crew: I don’t want any cover-up techniques. I’ve been tucking in my belly since I was 11, the age when you start being aware of boys and your body, and jeans are super tight. There, I very specifically decided to give up and release all the muscles I used to tense to hide reality. That was my goal,” supports the Hollywood actress who is known for advocating natural old age away from the dictates of Hollywood.

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