Jan Yaman is half naked with a picture in his bed

Posted by the Turkish starJohn is badA picture on his personal page on the social networking site.
And Yaman appeared full, naked, in his bed, drinking a drink, with a spontaneous shot that charmed the followers, who left many comments to him.
The Turkish press had recently published pictures of Yaman from his new Italian police series “Purple Like the Sea”, in which he appeared in a new block, in which he will play the character of the policeman Francesco Demir, and filming is scheduled to begin on January 27.
On the other hand, Jan Yaman separated from the Italian media, Diletta Liotta, and he recently attended a festival without her, and even appeared alongside another actress named Moran Attias, and surprisingly, Yaman’s potential lover is of Israeli nationality, and he is 9 years older than him.


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