Jana Ina Zarrella on Wendler girlfriend: “At some point she will be ashamed”


Anyone who wants to get an idea of ​​the relationship between Michael Wendler and 18-year-old student Laura Müller does not have to wait much longer. Because on July 23, the “summer house of the stars” goes on the next round at RTL. Then the pop singer and the student are penned with other celebrity couples and have to win games. Who works best as a team, is the winner and wins a prize money.

On Instagram, Müller already gives her subscribers an insight into their relationship life and regularly answers questions: “Is Wendler a passionate lover?”, Says an Instagram user to the student from Saxony-Anhalt. Too intimate, too private? Not for Laura Müller, who answers quite determined: “Yes, he is.” But she did not reveal more about her sex life.

“She does not know yet what that has consequences”

A somewhat longer explanation provided her with the question of why she had opted for a man 28 years older. “If you fall in love with someone, it does not matter how old he is,” she said. “Add to that, I can not do much with younger men, and I think there are many women on my side who think so too.”

A few days ago she revealed to RTL that Wendler was her first friend: “Michael is my first friend in all things”. The fans like Müller's openness, but there are also critical voices. Model and presenter Jana Ina Zarrella advises caution: “She is 18, she is still very young and she does not know what the consequences are,” says the presenter in an interview with “RTL”, the former Brosis member Giovanni Zarrella is married. “At some point she will be ashamed of what she has said.” Not only does Zarrella find the openness about Muller's sex life questionable, but also the relationship in general: “As a 42-year-old woman, I think it's a bit absurd.” Nevertheless, she still finds conciliatory words: “Everyone should love who he wants.”


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