Janariyah Asks the Late Laura Anna to be Tried in the Hereafter

Sosok.ID – Mother Gaga Muhammad |, Janariyah seems irritated right with Laura Anna.

whereas Laura Anna already dead.

But Janariyah still has pain with Laura Anna.

He even cursed Laura after Gaga was sentenced to 4.6 years in prison.

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“God willing, she (Gaga) will live with sincerity, whatever it is. She is still young, really. Just relax. I’m just quoting her sister Laura, yes, that God doesn’t sleep, yes, God doesn’t sleep, she will see the truth there where. Just relax,” he said after Gaga’s verdict.

Janariyah was relaxed with this verdict.

“We will accept it. Whatever it is, it’s the decision, right, judge. In this world, right, everything can be reversed. Right, I see. So, relax,” he said.

However, he asked Laura Anna to be judged in the afterlife.

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“Yeah, that’s okay. Right, that’s the best. If it’s the best, then that’s okay. What’s important, right, is that you’re satisfied. Right, that’s what you want. court there, that’s it,” he said.

Netizens are clearly furious about this.

“Do you think that if you have been punished in the world, you will pass the court in the afterlife, ma’am? Wkwkwkwkwk if not I am willing to be in prison for life so that later I will go to heaven without using reckoning,” account @cal****.

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“There are no regretful faces. It’s okay if you’re only in prison for 4.5 years, then you’ll be out of prison and your life won’t be calm, it’s really bad that you’ve ruined people’s lives! Let you be punished later, “wrote rizki****.

“I feel like that’s not enough! It’s only 4.5 years old… well, it’s okay if it’s only 4.5 years old, as long as the family knows that they don’t blame the victim and their family, especially since Gaga is slowly recovering, isn’t it? that’s only 4.5 but still blaming the victim,” said @ip****.

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