Jang Ga-hyeon, crying in disappointment at Jo Seong-min, who was convinced of an ‘affair’ after spying on his Kakaotalk for 6 months (Video)

TV Chosun ‘We got divorced 2’

[뉴시스] Reporter Park Eun-hae = Singer and producer Jo Seong-min confessed that he stole the messenger of actor Jang Ga-hyeon, who was the only person he had.

In the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘We Got Divorce 2’, which was broadcast on the 20th, Jo Seong-min said, “You know what you’re talking about. I’m a stubborn seller when I get stuck. As you might have noticed, KakaoTalk messenger was logged into your work computer. “He said.

He continued, “I kept seeing conversations, and it was a personal thing that could be misunderstood. Knowing everything, my mother asked Ye-eun (eldest daughter) if she was dating anyone other than her father,” he added.

Ga-hyeon Jang was shocked, saying, “Did you keep watching without logging out?” Jo Seong-min said, “I drank alcohol that I hadn’t been able to drink for a while, and then came in.”

InsightTV Chosun ‘We got divorced 2’

Ga-hyeon Jang explained, “There were no real men at that time. The relationship I was talking about was recent.”

Jo Seong-min countered, “At that time (during divorce mediation period) you wandered around a lot. You and a man (messenger) had such conversations in the same room.”

In the end, Jang Ga-hyeon, who burst into tears, asked, “How many months have you seen KakaoTalk?” Jo Sung-min said, “I don’t remember exactly. I thought negatively, so I imagined many things even after seeing insignificant conversations.”

InsightTV Chosun ‘We got divorced 2’

Jang Ga-hyeon said, “It’s been almost 6 months since I saw you. I thought I was a faithful wife. I was originally lazy, but I lived my life faithfully enough to go against my nature.” He said, “It’s a deviation after 20 years, but I looked into all those KakaoTalk messages and did something bad. It’s so unfair. I do,” he said, expressing his frustration.

He continued, “What am I doing and how suspicious of my life? My mother has been lying in bed for 15 years and working while raising two children. I really wanted to apologize and say thank you, but it seems that all my 20 years of loyalty, love, and friendship have been denied. ‘ he exclaimed.

Jo Seong-min apologized, “I’m embarrassed. I’m sorry,” but Jang Ga-hyun said, “Okay,” and avoided the seat.

Jo Seong-min and Jang Ga-hyeon met in their early twenties and became a couple after passionate devotees. Although they had been a lovebird for 20 years, they surprised everyone by the news of their sudden divorce.

InsightTV Chosun ‘We got divorced 2’

Naver TV ‘We got divorced 2’

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