Jang Yoon-jeong and her daughter Ha-young, as seen by a fortune teller… “Hayoung has what Jang Yoon-jung doesn’t”

Trot singer Yoon-jung Jang and daughter Ha-young Do have been revealed.

Below is JTBC’s ‘The Place I Return to – Liberation Town’

In JTBC’s ‘The Place I Return to – Liberation Town’ (Liberation Town) broadcast on the 19th, Jang Yoon-jung and Hong Hyun-hee went to see four weeks.

After seeing Yoon-jung Jang and Ha-young’s orders, the fortune teller said, “Daughter Ha-young is always with her mother, right?” To this, Jang Yoon-jung admitted, “That’s right.”

The fortune-teller said, “The son Yeon-woo seems to exist even without his mother, but Ha-young needs his mother to be by his side all the time.” “Ha-young has what Yoon-jeong doesn’t have. It will be satisfied.”

Then Hong Hyeon-hee asked, “Then, is there such a thing? Because of Ha-young’s birth, Yoon-jeong’s sister becomes better…” To this, the fortune teller replied, “Yes.” Jang Yoon-jung surprised everyone by revealing, “Hayoung gave birth and worked a lot.”


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